Cutting The Cost Of Cosmetics

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Is the cost of make-up and toiletries starting to make your finances look ugly? Here are a few ways that you can save money on cosmetics allowing you to look good for less.

Shop online

You can find the best discounts on cosmetics online. There are sites that even have promotions on brand name makeup. Don’t forget to also consider coupon sites where you can find temporary deals as well as taking advantage of popular times of the year for discounts such as Black Friday and the January Sales.

Become less brand conscious

Big brand cosmetics are often always more expensive. Whilst some brands are better quality, in other cases you could just be paying for the name. Try out a few lesser known cheaper brands and see if you notice the difference. You can read reviews online to get a better idea of which budget cosmetics are worthwhile.

Collect samples

You can also take advantage of free samples. Many beauty stores will allow you to take away a free sample if you ask – you’re unlikely to get a full size tube of foundation, but you may get a small pot that’s large enough to get a couple uses out of. Another way to get freebies is to sign up to brand mailing lists. Some brands will send you samples to test and review for free. Others may send you courtesy samples providing that you are willing to pay for postage.

Invest in quality makeup brushes

Make-up brushes are one piece of cosmetic kit where it’s definitely worth going premium – such brushes are more likely to last longer, which could mean you’ll spend less in the long run in replacements. You can read reviews of makeup brushes online to find the most durable and worthwhile option.

Use what you already have

Many of us hoard cosmetics. This can often lead to products rarely getting much use and eventually expiring. Try to use cosmetics that you already have rather than adding more to your collection. There may well be some make-up that’s only suitable for special occasions or you may decide you no longer like it, however there are also likely to be some products in your makeup arsenal that you love wearing – focus on using up these ones first before treating yourself to new makeup.

Go make-up free once in a while

If you wear make-up every day, you’re likely to be consuming a lot more product and spending a lot more money. Consider taking on the challenge of going make-up free. You can ease your way in by using a few less products at first – try reducing your mascara, foundation and concealer usage and sticking to primers, moisturisers and brighteners. Eventually you may become more comfortable with a minimal look and you can then try going make-up free. By reserving make-up for special occasions, you could save a lot of money.

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