How Your Looks Affect Your Life

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Whether you are the kind of person who loves trying on new clothes and makeup to change the way you look, or you are more interested in other things, there is no doubt that the way you look affects your life. It might be a fleeting difference, or it could be the thing that propels you forward every day but the influence is there.

Are your looks at the centre of your happiness or is life about the pursuit of goals and learning to love yourself?

Of course, you might think that understanding what your looks mean to you isn’t important in the long run and you might be right. However, if you have ever considered plastic surgery - especially something like a facelift to change your features - it is certainly worth a few minutes to think about what you could gain, but also what you could lose. Look at for more, certainly, but read on before you make your decision.

The Halo Effect

Beautiful people are plagued by the halo effect. Like people who have money or fame, beautiful people often lack confidence in themselves and their abilities because they can’t be sure why someone wants to work with them or be their friend. Their beauty can be undermining to their character and skills - and if you don’t believe this, think of all the talented actresses boxed into sex object roles because they have nice faces.

The halo effect is the idea that beautiful people are consistently over-estimated. We think of them as being more intelligent, more creative and as better leaders just because they look beautiful. You could consider this a social advantage but imagine the constant worry that you could be found out for who you really are at any moment.

Do Beautiful People Really Earn More?

For a while, it was a common belief that beautiful people earn more than their ugly counterparts but recently, it has been suggested that, when you account for other factors, this isn’t true. In fact, now the thinking is that, all accounted for, ugly people might actually have the advantage at work.

However, there is still a lot of intrigue in this subject because while ugly people might do better than their counterparts, beautiful people are generally healthier, more intelligent and have ‘better’ personalities that are less neurotic, more extroverted and more conscientious. In other words, in the real world, which doesn’t account for other factors, beauty is still on top.

Fear of Aging

We are now living longer than ever and somehow this is giving us a complex about the aging process. More and more women are choosing to go under the knife at a much younger age to combat their perceived age giveaways before they get worse.

This seems to be symptomatic of a society that pressures women to look as young as possible for as long as possible but it is also down to the improvements in the procedure that means that a facelift won’t make you look so stretched out any more. ‘Natural’ is the new buzzword.

So, the question is: do you want to change your looks or your outlook?

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