12 Ways You Can Save Money This Summer

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The school holidays wouldn’t be complete without a vacation, or days out - things which can soon cost a lot of money. Summer can be a tough time when your family’s finances are a bit tight. While you want to be able to enjoy yourselves, it can be difficult if you’re facing other financial pressures.

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The good news is that all hope isn’t lost. If you start making some changes now, you can save money during the break and perhaps even afford a late summer vacation. Check out these twelve money-saving tips to help your money have a great time this summer.

1. Stop wasting energy

Electricity bills spike during the summer months, especially if you’ve got bored kids at home who are glued to the TV or their portable devices. There are some simple ways to save electricity, and one place to start is to get the kids outside more. The fresh air will do them good, and it’ll also show them how to have fun without relying on technology.

2. Reduce your grocery bills

How much money do you spend on groceries each week? Do you think you could cut it by a quarter or a third? It’s actually easy if you’re willing to try it. Save money on your groceries by planning what you’re going to eat throughout the week, buying generic instead of branded good and buy fruit and vegetables that are frozen or pre-prepared to help you cut food waste. Set yourself a savings challenge and put everything you didn’t spend away.

3. Buy online

Buying products online can help you save money versus in-store prices. Amazon is great for picking up bargains on household items, and you won’t need to drive into town to get them either. Shopping online also means you can pick up items you wouldn’t normally find in stores like CBD dog treats at https://www.certapet.com/cbd-dog-treats/. Shop around before making any purchases to make sure you’re getting the biggest saving.

4. Take advantage of free trials

Kids complaining they’re bored? Why not take advantage of free trials for things like Netflix, Amazon Video, and other subscription services to keep them entertained. More often than not, you can do free trials for different members of your household, so between you and your partner, you could have the summer covered. Remember to put a note in your diary with the cancellation date to make sure you don’t have to start paying the monthly subscription.

5. Find other ways to stay cool

If you’re usually reliant on the air conditioner to keep your home cool, your family could be spending a lot in electricity. Instead of reaching for the button when your home gets too hot, try other ways of staying cool instead. Keeping the curtains closed during the day will stop rooms getting overheated while freezing a hot water bottle can help keep your bed cool at night. Freeze some drinking bottles too so that you can drink some ice cold water throughout the day to keep your body temperature down.

6. Walk more

Summer is the perfect time to get in shape, with more daylight hours and better temperatures making you more likely to want to get outside and be active. Instead of relying on your car to get from A to B, why not walk more instead? Walking an hour to work and back is a great way to exercise, and means you won’t need to sweat it out in the gym afterward. Walk the dog more and get the whole family involved so that everyone enjoys the benefits of being outdoors.

7. Keep an eye out for deals on days out

Going to theme parks and other local attractions can be a part of the summer fun, but many activities come with an expensive price tag. The good news is that websites like Groupon have some incredible deals to help you save money on days out, allowing you to entertain the kids without breaking the bank. You can also find some excellent coupons for restaurants too to help you eat out for less.

8. Save money on luxuries

Even when you’re trying to save money, sometimes you need to replace a used lipstick or bottle of moisturizer - which can soon eat into your funds. Try cutting the cost of cosmetics by trying different brands, searching for online discounts and collecting samples from different counters. Question whether or not you really ‘need’ something and whether or not it can wait until the end of the summer.

9. Sell things you don’t need

With more time on your hands during the summer months, you can finally tackle the unwanted goods in your home. Why not have a yard sale to get rid of your unwanted items or sell things on eBay? By decluttering your home, you’ll not only have more space and a neater house, you’ll also be able to make some money too. Whatever you decide to do, use any money made to go straight into your savings to help you grow them even more.

10. Get active

It can be tough to find things for the whole family to do together during the summer, but getting active is certainly one of them. Make the most of the sunshine by heading to the local park to enjoy a game of tennis, football or baseball. You can have a lot of fun together for free, as well as build your fitness up. Who knows, you might even discover a new fun family hobby you can all do together?

Saving money during the summer months can be challenging, but if you keep your target in mind and work hard to make those savings, you’ll get there in the end. Find ways you can save money on everyday spending to help your money stretch further, allowing you to enjoy the summer vacation you’ve been dreaming of. Think you’re up to the money-saving challenge? Start cutting back on your spending today.

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