7 Tips For Buying Jewellery As A Gift

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Thinking for buying jewellery for someone as a gift? Whether it’s a birthday present for a family member or an engagement ring for a partner, here are some tips that could help you to make the right purchase.

Know their style

Some people like their jewellery blingy whilst others like it subtle. Some people never wear a necklace, whilst for others it’s the only piece of jewellery they’re ever likely to wear. Make sure that you know the recipient’s style so that your gift is appreciated. Drop subtle hints if you’re unsure or try and look at what they’ve worn in the past in photos.

Shop off the high street

Whilst there are some budget high street jewellers, the majority can be fairly expensive. You can often get better deals by shopping online on the likes of Amazon or on independent jewellery sites. Also consider second-hand stores – physical shops are better than online shops as you can get a better idea of the jewellery’s quality.

Personalise it

There could be ways of personalising the jewellery to give it more meaning. Companies like Name Necklace Official can allow you to create customised engraved jewellery or Infinity name necklaces. You could also consider birthstones or pendants suited to someone’s interests as a way of further personalising jewellery. Those that are good with crafts and feeling ambitious could even attempt to create their own jewellery – the extra effort put into this gift will make it all the more meaningful.

Consider allergies

Some people are allergic to certain metals, which could be something worth looking into before you shell out on a pair of gold earrings. Ask people who know the recipient if you don’t want to ask them directly. Companies like Solace Jewellery sell specialist hypoallergenic jewellery that could be ideal for those that get reactions.

Use these diamond cost-cutting tricks…

For those shopping for an engagement ring on a budget, think carefully about the type of diamond. Prices soar once you hit 1 carat – a 0.9 carat diamond could be just as stunning and a lot cheaper. In fact, you could be better off ignoring the carat altogether and focusing on the cut – a low carat rating could mean that the diamond is relatively small, but a high cut could mean that it’s shinier. 

Try alternatives to gold and silver

Gold and silver are the go-to jewellery materials, but there are plenty of alternatives out there that can look just as impressive at a fraction of the price. Tungsten carbide, zirconium and cobalt chrome are just a few substitutes that are just as glitzy but cheaper. Platinum is another alternative although this tends to be in the same price range as gold and silver.

Keep the receipt

Being such an expensive purchase, it’s often worthwhile keeping the receipt safe when going jewellery shopping. If the jewellery doesn’t fit, is broken or they simply don’t like it – you can always get it replaced by returning it to where it came from.

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