Kitchen Remodel Pitfalls to Avoid

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A kitchen remodel breathes new life into one of the most important spaces in your home. This space is where most of your most-loved meals are prepared, and you may want to put a lot of thought into revamping the area. Many home renovations focus on the kitchen area, so, unsurprisingly, the industry has seen more growth. A jump from 85% to 89% proves that more kitchen remodeling professionals are responding to the call to upgrade this essential home space. However, there are potential pitfalls to be mindful of during remodeling. So, if you want to yield the best results when revamping your kitchen, here are some critical mistakes to avoid.

  1. Wasting space

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Open-concept kitchens are taking over many homes, but you must consider certain vital things before knocking down walls. The kitchen layout is one critical element to consider, as it plays a significant role in the functionality of this space. Therefore, you will have a major problem when you fail to factor it into your plans. Remember that the original kitchen plan factored in the layout to effectively use the space, making it vital to avoid scrapping that entirely in your new remodel.

It would be best to assess certain factors during your remodel to avoid wasting space. For example, is a valuable counter space better than work zones? How would the removal of that wall impact your kitchen storage space? Carefully considering these will help draw your attention to space maximization if you haven’t considered that yet. Balancing functionality and openness will help you best use your space without compromising comfort and visual appeal.

  1. The aisles are too tight

Remember that practicality cannot be overlooked in the excitement of designing your dream kitchen. You may want to replicate trendy kitchen designs in your home, but if your space isn’t big enough, the result might be uncomfortably tight aisles. When you underestimate the value of proper aisle width, you will end up with a kitchen design that feels cramped and cluttered. You may not have enough legroom when moving around. You will likely also have difficulty opening or cleaning out your refrigerator. The risk of constantly bumping into the kitchen counter, appliances, and other furniture in the same space increases the likelihood of kitchen accidents. So, ensure the aisle width is ample enough for comfort and practicality. According to kitchen remodel experts, the ideal aisle width for your kitchen must be 40 - 48 inches or 101.6 cm to 121.9 cm.

  1. Failing to measure the space for a range hood

The range hood is often an unsung kitchen hero - it does so much to improve air quality and ensure cleanliness in this area. Unfortunately, many remodeling projects factor in the range hood at the last minute. That is a common mistake in many homes, but you can make a difference in your project. The first thing to do is measure the range hood's space to avoid awkward installations and, more importantly, to ensure that it provides proper ventilation for the kitchen.

It is worth noting that poorly installed range hoods increase the risk of carbon monoxide buildup in the kitchen. How does that happen? When you fail to measure the space for the range hood installation, you risk not positioning its fan properly to suck up smoke from the cooking area, which could be harmful healthwise.

  1. Making major changes after work begins

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Many people make major changes after work begins on their kitchen remodel. It is often a result of poor planning, leading to last-minute changes which could disrupt the entire project. Sometimes you are tempted to make impulsive alterations because you saw it on a remodeling show on TV or in a magazine. Whatever it is, your best bet is to resist that temptation because it is usually associated with increased timelines, hiked costs, and misalignment to the original design. Making minor changes that don’t impact the original measurements and spacing is alright. However, the problem is with major alterations. That is why it is critical to meticulously plan every detail of the kitchen remodeling projects. Cross-check all measurements and review the design with the professional before the hammer swings. Your excitement for a new kitchen can be marred by costly mistakes when you make major changes after work has begun.

Renovating your kitchen can be exciting but requires a lot of planning to achieve your dream look that combines style with functionality. Knowing which errors to avoid will help make your project more fulfilling. While preparing for your project, remember to avoid the pitfalls listed above.

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