A Sustainable Workspace when Working from Home

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A sustainable workspace allows you to contribute to helping the planet while getting things done. While your employer has systems in place that allow them to do this, what about working from home? From low-energy devices to correctly sorting waste, here are a few suggestions.

Renovate with Sustainability in Mind

You will probably need to make a suitable workspace when working from home, and this can mean renovating an area of your home. But even renovation itself can be harmful to the environment. So what can you do? Some tips for eco-friendly renovation include using sustainable materials such as terracotta floor tiles. It also helps to buy recycled or upcycled furniture, if possible, and consider using non-VOC "eco paints" for safety and sustainability.

Install Low Energy Devices

You will need to use a lot more energy than you are used to when you work from home. And you will notice a big difference in your bills. When you are at work, no energy is being used, except for things like the fridge that cannot be turned off. But at home, you will need lighting, a computer, and warmth. These effectively double your bills when at home. Low-energy devices such as A-rated appliances and LED lighting can help lower the overall costs somewhat.

Power a Sustainable Workspace with Clean Energy

Further to energy, you can power your green and clean home office with clean energy if you are serious about being more eco-friendly. The easiest way to do this is to switch to a clean energy supplier that doesn't use fossil fuels and instead uses renewable energy. However, you can also install renewable systems for energy at home. Examples include solar panels, wind turbines, and geothermal heating systems. Not all of these are possible, depending on your location.

Sort Out Your Waste

You probably already have a waste system in place at home since it is law in many countries to recycle now. Therefore, you must sort your home office waste accordingly, especially if you have coworkers or even employees who share the same space. You could find yourself in legal hot water with fines and penalties. Always sort trash that can be recycled from the trash that can't and dispose of these correctly. This also helps eco-waste plants such as sorting for biofuel.

Buy Eco-Friendly Office Supplies

Even if your work isn't related to typical office-type tasks, you will need certain office supplies to work from home or run a business. For example, paper is needed for invoices, you need ink for a printer, and paperwork must be kept in folders. These are all expensive and can contribute to poor sustainability. Fortunately, there are always eco-friendly alternatives just like everything else. For example, you can use recycled paper, printer ink cartridges, and files and folders.


You can renovate with sustainability in mind from the start to have the biggest overall impact for a sustainable workspace at home. It also helps to use low-energy devices and sources of clean energy. Yet there are also many things you need that come in recycled form, such as ink.

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