Romantic Gift Ideas For Your Partner This Christmas

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Can you believe that Christmas is in just 15 days? If any of you are like me, I am so behind on my Christmas shopping! There are still a few last minute gifts that I need to pick up for the kids and I haven't even started thinking about gift ideas for my husband. The thought is starting to stress me out. Here are a few stress-free and romantic gift ideas for your partner this Christmas.

Struggling to think of a romantic gift for your partner this Christmas? Here are a few ideas that could be worth looking into.

Plan a date for both of you

Experiences are great gifts that offer lasting memories. To give your partner something to look forward to in January, you could consider planning a fancy date together and then giving them some form of receipt or ticket. This could be a trip to the theatre together, a booking at an expensive restaurant, a hot air balloon ride for two or a booking at a spa hotel. You could even book it for Valentine’s Day in February (it could be a Christmas and Valentine’s day gift in one). There are lots of experience packages online that can allow you to save money on these types of gifts.

Personalise a gift

Personalising a gift shows that you’ve put thought into it and not just picked it off the shelf last minute. There are all kinds of ways to personalise a gift. You could consider getting something tailor-made to fit their measurements such as a bespoke jacket. Alternatively, you could look into personal engraving services – you may be able order a tankard or a phone case with their name engraved into it. Another option could be custom embroidering services – you could get a message or a name embroidered onto an item of clothing or a wallet. Such gifts are unique to the recipient and are certain to be cherished. 

Buy flowers

Flowers are always a romantic gift, no matter what time of the year it is. A box of roses could make a great gift for Christmas day. If you’re worried you’re not going to be able to sneak in these flowers, you can always order a flower delivery. It’s possible to order these deliveries to come with a bottle of bubbly or some chocolates, helping to add to the surprise.

Share memories

Another great idea for a gift could be to share happy memories that the two of you have had in the past. Photographs are the best way to do this – you could consider handpicking a selection of photos and creating an album or you could put your art skills to the test and create a collage. Alternatively, you could a single photo of the two of you blown up onto acrylic or canvas. You may also be able to share memories through other gifts such as souvenirs from past places you’ve traveled together or esoteric references to private jokes.

Buy a gift for the bedroom

You could also consider looking into a gift or two for the bedroom. Whether it’s a toy or a costume, it could be a great way to ignite some passion at Christmas – just make sure it’s only you two there Christmas morning when you open these gifts, otherwise it could be embarrassing! 

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Thanks for visiting the blog today. I hope the idea's above give you some idea's for romantic gifts for you and your partner this holiday season. Have a great day. Until next time my friends. 

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