How Clean Are Your Clothes? Here’s What To Consider

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You may be wondering what this article is really about. After all, we all put our clothes in the washing machine, they come out, they dry and we wear them. The process is simple, and one that had been repeated for years and years. But, these days we can really ensure that we are getting our clothes clean, and there are simple things to do and check to ensure that happens. Here is some advice to consider.

Making sure hard water is not causing damage

When we put our clothes in the washing machine, we expect to get clean clothes in return. It should be a given. But actually the water that we use could be causing more harm than good, not just to our clothes, but also to our machines in general. Causing a big build up of bacteria and dirt in the pipes, which then in turn cause machines to break down and clothes to be stained. So focus on the water and consider trying something like a Kinetico water softener to help break down the chemicals in the water supply and make it work better for you. 

The right detergent and softener

It should be simple to pick up a detergent and softener from your supermarket, but with so much choice these days, you can end up picking up the wrong one. There isn’t necessarily a wrong or right decision, it is more about finding what works for you and your family. For example, if you have sensitive skin, then you may want to think about using a non-biodegradable detergent that can be kinder on your skin and cause less irritations. Then there is the scents. Some you may love, some you might dislike. Finding the right ones is hard, but once you do, make sure you stick with it.

Keeping machines serviced regularly

We can often forget that the machines that lean for us, need attention and cleaning themselves. Not just that, but also having them regularly serviced means that you can keep these machines running for longer, and even avoid expensive repairs in the future. Many energy providers will give you extra cover that will be in place to sort servicing and repairs on your appliances. It could be worth the extra investment. If you don’t want to pay the extra, just having one-off services every now and again could help you to gain some peace of mind.

Adding a disinfectant to kill off germs

Finally, although our clothes are being cleaned and washed, are you really getting rid of 100% of germs and bacteria? The answer is no. This is when adding an extra disinfectant to your laundry machine can make all of the difference. It works alongside your cleaning products, so that you can be assured that when you get your clothes out of the machine, they really are as a clean as they can be.

Let’s hope some of these suggestions have you making a few changes to the way you do your laundry. 

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