DIY Ombre Painted Bulbs

A couple weeks ago, Amy over at The Ever Co., shared a photo on her beautiful Instagram feed of the painted ornaments she made with her girls. They were super cute and sounded like they were pretty easy to make, so I thought I would give them a try.

I headed to the dollar store to pick up some plastic ornaments but unfortunately, they were all sold out! So I ended up having to buy glass bulbs instead for this craft. Normally glass ornaments are a huge no-no in our house cause we’re currently dealing with kids who find it funny to throw ornaments across the room. I will admit that I was a little hesitant to let the kids handle them, but they did a good a job and all bulbs remained unbroken.

What You Need:

- Glass or Plastic Bulbs
- Ornament Hooks 
- Paint 
- Ribbon (optional)

Gold ornament was white + antique gold metallic paint | Red ornament was flag red + white paint

If you don't want the ombre effect, just shake, shake, and shake until the inside of the bulb is completely covered. I recommend using only one color for this option.  

To get the ombre effect, pour a little bit of paint into the bulb and slowly rotate the bulb to move the paint around. Take your time and let the paint work its magic. Once the first color stops moving, add your second color and continue the same process. The colors will slowly start to swirl together, creating a beautiful ombre hue inside the bulb. Make sure the paint covers the whole bulb. 

Each bulb took me a few minutes to make. For the kids, this craft lasted about 15-20 minutes and they each decorated 3 bulbs.  I added a ribbon adornment and an ornament hook to finish the look.  Since the kid's bulbs are gifts, I won't be sharing them until after Christmas.  There was something satisfying about watching the paints swirl together for these easy DIY Ombre Painted Bulbs. This craft was pretty therapeutic for the kids and me and highly recommend that you make some. Not only are the pretty, but they will last for many Christmas' to come.

Thanks for stopping by the blog today. Leave a comment below with the ombre color you're excited to make because I enjoy reading them!  Have a splendid day my friends. 

Until next time.

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