Aurora: Two Months Old

My sweet baby girl is two months old. She has changed so much in the past two months since her birth. She is super sweet and sort of a diva at times but we are loving her personality and adorable smile these days.

- Aurora sleeps for five to six hours at night. 

- She is now 11 pounds and 22 inches tall. Sweet thing is growing like a little weed and officially fits in her 3 month sized clothes. 

- Her feet are still too small for her shoes. She will be rocking socks and booties for at least another month. :( 

- She smiles a lot. And I mean a lot! She has the most precious smile. 

- Her favorite thing to do is to play and interact with her big brothers. She watches them both like hawks and smiles whenever one of them talks to her. She enjoys talking back to them too. 

- She loves, loves, and I mean loves the Christmas lights! Girl is going to loose her mind when we put our tree up on Friday. 

- She still is a real Sleeping Beauty. According to big brother Amari, "She sleeps too much for a baby!" 

- She has started teething and enjoys using mom as a human pacifier. Thank the Lord for her binkies and teething tablets. 

- Sweet girl loves to do tummy time now and is starting to get stronger and have better head control. 

- She still farts and burps like a grown man. 

- Aurora loves diaper changes and baths. The diva comes out whenever she needs to be changed and if she isn't changed instantly, well, she screams her head off tell its done! 

Like I said last month, we are enjoying getting to know this little lady. She truly is the sweetest little thing and we adore her and all of her sweetness. Happy Two Months Aurora Rose! 

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