Our Trip to Tillamook

The Pacific Northwest has been experiencing a heat wave the past few weeks and seeing as I was 29 weeks along at the time with Little Miss and very uncomfortable; I took one look at the weather forecast a few weeks ago and saw temperatures in the high 90's, I about cried. Heat and pregnancy are a lethal combination. Instantly I knew we needed to head to the coast and I sent a text to Trevor Dear stating that we were going to the beach this weekend. He agreed and started researching what town he wanted to go too. We decided on Tillamook. It had been a minute since Trev and I last set foot in cheese land and we knew the boys would have a great time exploring the Tillamook Cheese Factory and the Tillamook Smokehouse.

Upon our arrival, I ended up getting hit by the morning sickness bug. The aroma of cows and curvy roads through the Tillamook Forest probably didn't help much either. We made a quick pit stop and of course one can never trust the weatherman here. Sunshine and blue skies were replaced with a high of 58 and thunderstorms. Thankfully I know how to pack for the Oregon coast. I was on top of it. We just ended up not going swimming at the beach. Guess next time we will either hit up Newport or Seaside for time spent splashing in the waves. 

Our first stop was the Tillamook Cheese Factory. I love me some good cheese and the Tillamook brand is one of my favorites. Amari and Talan enjoyed chowing down on free samples of curds and other cheeses while we watched them make chedder cheese on the lines. Amari was hilarious and kept asking where they were hiding all the cows. He even looked for them while we were in the factory. One of my favorite spots was the Tillamook Creamery. Nothing beats freshly made ice cream and this mama always wants a sweet treat. Amari got to pick out what flavor of ice cream he wanted and devoured that Junior cone like a champ! Both my boys got mom's sweet tooth. 

After the factory, we drove the ten miles to Garibaldi. My Great Auntie and Grandma lived there for years and I showed Trev the old G&G Mini Mart which has now been replaced with a hardware store that my Auntie used to run and own. Garibaldi is a small town with one stop light and a Dairy Queen. The DQ makes it a legit town in my opinion. We had lunch at the Port of Garibaldi. I never spent much time down there when we used to visit our Auntie so it was new to me. There was a play ground and an old train that used to be a part of the Garibaldi Railway. We got to tour the train and Amari took home pennies that were squished by newer trains. Talan just "doggie stalked" all the dogs at the park and squealed at all the seagulls.

On our way home we stopped off at the Tillamook Forestry Center and learned about the history of the area and took photo opts on the bridge. The boys had a great time in Tillamook even though they didn't get a chance to swim. We plan on heading to the coast once more before the summer ends and hopefully it will be warm and sunny along the Oregon coast the day we go.  

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