Aurora: One Month Old

I can't believe that it has been a month since our sweet Aurora was born. From day one she has been nothing but a precious little gift and we have enjoyed getting to know her sweet personality. Like both her older brothers at this age, she is one sweet little girl. She also is a very sleepy baby but when she is awake she is very alert and content.  

- Aurora hates diaper changes and screams like a banshee every time she gets changed. She has yet to realize that clean diapers are a good thing.

- She is a gas producing machine and belches and toots like a grown man.

- She isn't a fan of baths. 

- She is a breastfeed baby only and was a pro at nursing by her second week of life. She is a quick and efficient eater which is a nice change seeing as her two brothers took their dear sweet time when they were nursing. 

- She self soothes when she is fussy by sucking on her fingers or her binkie. 

- She has pretty good head control and is a strong baby. She seems to enjoy tummy time when lying against our chests and she will lift her head to look into our faces. She can hold her head up for about a minute or so. 

- To her big brother Amari, she is known as Pretty Girl or Rora. Talan refers to her as "my baby." 

- Aurora also doesn't seem to mind being poked in the face, kissed every five seconds, or receive the random hair tug here and there from her curious little big brother Talan. She is going to be one tough little cookie when she is older. 

- She loves her bouncer and often naps in it during the day. 

- She enjoys car rides and going for walks in the double stroller. She just hates being strapped into her car seat. 

- And in the past few days she has started smiling more, cooing, and having more wakeful periods throughout the day. 

I am looking forward to watching our sweet little princess grow and help mold her into an amazing little lady. We adore her so much and she has completed our family. Happy One Month sweet Aurora! 

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