What's Going On with Mr. T - The Month of April

I have really been slacking the past year when it comes to blogging. Once Talan hit a year, I spaced about keeping monthly updates on him. I really need to do a better job. 
Talan is one hilarious little toddler and has a great personality. He makes me laugh on the daily. He has so much personality and is way different than Amari was at this age. He still adores his big brother and he is totally a mama's boy. ;)

- Talan is now 17 months. I can't believe that my sweet baby is almost a year and half. Crazy, crazy. 

- He wears size 18 month clothes and some 12 month sizes. He is a little chunky thing but is still rather tiny compared to all his friends at school. 

- He thinks farts are hilarious... He is such a boy and laughs whenever he passes gas. 

- He eats a lot. I dread the infamous high school days when he eats all the food out the fridge, freezer, and pantry. Not looking forward to weekly Costco trips. 

- He wears size 4 shoes. 

- T can say "hi," "hey," "bye," "ball,"night-night," "nom noms" and "bananas." He also waves hi and goodbye. No double word combos yet besides when he says, "My Mama." He loves me! 

- He loves wrestling with his big brother Amari. He is going to be one tough little cookie when he is older.

- His favorite toys are pully toys. He loves pulling them around the house or at school. He cannot get enough of them. 

- Talan's favorite treat is Gerber Yogurt Bites or the knock offs at Target or Wal-Mart. He could devour a bag in one sitting if we would let him. 

- He can't get enough of bath time. He loves baths and will throw a fit every time you try to take him out the bath tub.

- He loves to help around the house. He enjoys pulling clothes out of the dryer, handing Mommy hangers when we hang up clothes, dusting, and putting toys away. He tries to sing along to the clean-up song when we sing it to him and he will even do a little dance as he cleans up. I need to record it. It's precious! 

- Talan sleeps in his big boy bed in brothers room now. He enjoys keeping big brother up at night and waking him early in the morning. He is almost sleeping through the night. We are working on it. The past two nights he has slept through the night!

- He was weaned from the boob at 15 months and hated it! He is still a boobie grabber... 

- He is a good eater but not a fan of textures. He spits a lot of food out at meal times. He loves chicken, fries, potatoes, and sweet potatoes. Bananas are his favorite fruit. He could eat bananas all day everyday for his meals.

- He tries to play catch with Amari or Daddy but hasn't fully developed his throwing skills. He is working on it though. 

- T learned to walk at 14 months. Now he's trying to run... He walks and runs like he's drunk still. There are lots of walking disasters in our house these days. He is very clumsy.

And that's all I can think of for now. I'll add any missed updates to next months post. 

Ain't he just a cutie?! Love him to bits!

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