A Complete Checklist for Home Maintenance This Summer

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As summer approaches, getting your home ready for the change in seasons can be daunting. However, breaking down the tasks and having a summer deep clean checklist to help you make sure you don't overlook anything can help keep you on track. This post has some areas that can often be overlooked for deep cleaning and home maintenance both inside and out.

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Decluttering is a great way to feel more organized and energized. Take the time to declutter your home before the summer months. To have a thorough declutter, you must sort your home into sections. Make a list of each room within your home and break it down into smaller sections. For example, list each drawer and cupboard that needs sorting out as an individual task in your kitchen. Chances are, if you put “declutter the kitchen”, it will be overwhelming. So break it down and focus on one small task at a time.

Hold a garage sale, take donations straight to goodwill and dispose of anything that you can't reuse as soon as possible. Then put your items into piles, Have a keep, discard, donate, and an unsure pile. Then you can work through what you have more accessible. As you complete each task on your list, make sure that you action the piles immediately to avoid them sitting around and decluttering somewhere else in your home.

Increase Storage

If you have a lot of stuff you need, your home is becoming overrun. It can detract from any deep cleaning you might be doing. While adding additional storage isn't technically cleaning, being more organized will contribute to the clean and fresh feel you are aiming for. Assess the space in your home and make the most of what you have. For example, if you have a small house, consider hidden storage and use the walls' full height for vertical storage ideas.

Create extra space in closets by using vacuum storage bags to reduce how many out-of-season clothes you have and be able to put them away if you aren't wearing them.

Check Your HVAC

Many people don't think to check their HVAC unit before the summer months as they might not have been using it, but it's essential to do so as they can be a breeding ground for mold and bacteria. Before you even contemplate using it for the first time after the winter, you need to check for any damage and debris buildup it might have sustained.

As the outside temperature rises, your air conditioning unit may also be running more often than usual, increasing air moisture. You'll want to check under your evaporator coil and behind your furnace. If you see any buildup on the condenser coils of your system, you should clean them off with a high-pressure water hose.

Clean Dryer Vents

The major cause of house fires is lint buildup in the dryer vent. There are over 2,900 residential fires due to dryer lint each year. Sadly this is something many people overlook when it comes to regular cleaning and maintenance. The clink collects and starts the fire. Closer to the end of summer, you want to make sure your vents are clean to avoid potential dangers.

Clean Gutters

Gutters are commonplace for debris to collect and even grow mold. Not only will you need to clean your gutters, but you also will inspect them for any weak points or damage. If you notice any problems, you should fix them before cleaning the gutters. As gutters are on the outside of your property, they come into contact with all types of weather conditions and external issues like a build of leaves from nearby trees, bird nests, or even vermin nesting on your roof and gutters.

Often, the first sign of blocked or damaged gutters is a leak or damp patch inside the house. Avoid the problem becoming this serious by making sure you periodically check your gutters for any signs of damage or blockages. Getting ready for the summer is ideal for getting the ladder out and having a good old look. If you can't do this yourself, you should hire a professional gutter cleaning contractor to carry this out on your behalf.

Jetwash Patios

If you have a patio, it's essential to give it a good jet wash before summer. This will break down any dirt and grime built upon the patio's surface, meaning your outside areas will stay cleaner for longer. If you're worried about water stains or discoloration, don't be! Use a heavy-duty broom designed for hard flooring and a strong detergent or disinfectant to lift the stains prior to jetwashing. This will help loosen any ground in and hard to lift stains before you jetwash.

You can use your jetwash to clean buildup up off the exterior walls of your property and fences or gates. In fact, why stop at your patio. Because once you have a sparkling clean patio or driveways thanks to jetwashing, you will likely notice how dirty other areas are. 

Make sure to adjust your settings before using a jetwash on other areas to avoid damage.

Clean Linens, Curtains, and Soft Furnishings

You want to make sure you are washing all your linens, such as sheets, blankets, pillowcases, tablecloths, and other soft furnishings. It's also a good idea to clean curtains and blinds while you're at it. You will also want to spruce up any furniture sitting all winter long. Even if you aren't actively using them, giving them a clean and a freshen-up can help rejuvenate them and give your home a boost when it comes to that deep and thorough clean feeling.

When it comes to giving your home a deep clean for the summer, the best place to start is with a list of everything you want to achieve. Try not to overwhelm yourself by doing everything simultaneously and break down bigger jobs into smaller, more manageable sections. For maximum impact, go room by room and ensure everything is complete before moving on. Flitting from area to area will make you feel like you aren't getting anywhere as you don't see the results instantly.

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