3 Tips You Need for Expanding Your Backyard

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There are many reasons why you would want to expand your backyard. Maybe you want more space for your family and friends to visit, or maybe you want a place where you can enjoy the outdoors with the kids. Many people want to expand their inside and will use elements of interior design to achieve this. Did you know this can also be done with your backyard? The backyard, if you think about it, is an extension of your home. it’s a living space, but it’s an outdoor living space.

it’s where you go to entertain your friends and family on a warm sunny day, it's where you go to play a game with your little ones, and it’s where you go for your BBQs. Since the backyard can indeed have such a big impact on the interior of your home, it’s understandable that you want to look into ways to make it feel more expansive. So these are some great ways to achieve that!

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Begin by seeing if you can remove anything

The more things you remove from your garden, the bigger it’s going to look and feel. This can include deck demolition, tree removal, or even just completely getting all the hedges out of your garden. If you have a shed, you could technically remove that as well to save some space, but just be wary of the fact that the shed is where all the outdoor things (such as a lawnmower) go. 

While removing things from your garden will make it more expansive, you need to ask yourself if this is what you want to achieve. There is a difference between looking expansive and an area actually being large. Just like with the inside of homes, a small space can appear large if done properly, this can also happen for backyards too.  

Add some windows to the back of your home

While this may seem a bit odd,  this can affect your garden and the illusion you’re trying to achieve of making it look expansive. If your home requires a pro to fix it, see if they can change the windows for the back of the home. Regular wall and paneling immediately break off the illusion that the backyard is big. 

But if you add windows, specifically long and tall windows, it helps maintain the illusion that the backyard is big. The windows don’t break off the visuals as walls and paneling do. Instead, it helps expand it by allowing you to see inside the house, plus windows can be reflective as well.

Create a focal point

Just like every room in your house needs to have a focal point, the same can be said about your backyard. Where exactly do you want the focal point to be? After you create a focal point, you can frame everything around that. Focal points will draw the eye to said space, leaving your eyes to ignore corners. So what can be focal points for gardens? You could include a nice water feature such as a pond, pool, or fountain. A Pergola with a patio underneath could be one, even a nice archway could be a nice option too. 

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