Makeup to Withstand Motherhood: Making Your Products Last All Day

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As a busy mom, chances are your appearance doesn’t always rank that highly on your list of priorities. For most of us, it’s all about getting our child ready and getting out the door as quickly as possible in the morning to wherever we need to be- which can be a huge mission within itself. We then have to keep the house in order, run a million errands, pay bills and generally work through a to-do list which never seems to end. However with this being said, none of us want to neglect our appearance completely. If you do, it can really impact your confidence and self-esteem, so finding ways to look nice without spending hours doing so is important. Here’s how you can go about it.

Perfect a five minute makeup routine

There might have been a time before children where you’d sit at your dressing table in the morning and take your time getting ready. Applying lots of different products, experimenting with different things and generally having fun with your look. But these days, you’re more pressed for time and so you need to find a routine that’s quick and easy. Perfect a look you can do in five minutes or less. Apply some foundation or concealer to even out your complexion. A swipe of blush or bronzer to give you a bit of a glow, and some mascara to open up your eyes and make you look less tired! Spending just this little bit of time in the morning can make you feel much more presentable for the rest of the day.

Find products that work

If you don't have time to be applying layers of foundation to build up the coverage, or lots of coats of mascara to get the effect you want then find products that work from the get-go. Generally, if you spend a little more you’ll often get a better quality product. But do check reviews before buying if you get chance. Find makeup that lasts all day, a good foundation won’t go patchy after an hour and a decent eyebrow pencil won’t fade by midday. A liquid matte lipstick will stand the test of time and keep your lips looking perfect, even after eating and drinking. Use the right tools to apply your makeup, for example a foundation brush can apply your base far better than your hands. If you are going to take the time to do your makeup then you want it to last.

Look after your skin

Looking after your skin is important. Not only will it prevent damage, but it will also make applying your products in the morning much easier. Try putting foundation over very dry skin for example and you’ll more than likely just make it look worse. It doesn’t take much time in the evening, use a cotton pad soaked in micellar water to instantly lift makeup off your skin. Give your face a wash with a gentle cleanser and apply a touch of night cream before going to sleep. You’ll prevent wrinkles, and give yourself a nice blank canvas for applying your makeup the next day. 

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