Finding Yourself Again

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Totally bored of that look you’ve been rocking for at least a decade now? You might be looking to make a change but how do you go about stepping out of your comfort zone and changing the fundamental parts of your appearance? What will your friends, your partner or you family think if you come home looking unrecognizable from your old self?

Maybe it’s not going to be that drastic, but any change from a new haircut to clothes makeover requires a little bit of courage and a little bit of extra confidence on your part. If you’re looking to make a complete change, then take it one step at a time. We show you how:

Make A Plan

Perhaps you’ve lost your sense of self a little as a mom with young children or someone who’s chained to their desk. You need to get back to yourself and yourself needs a shake-up. It’s time to get planning and scheming.

Think about what it is you want to change about your look. Don’t set yourself unrealistic goals, work with the body you’re in rather than imagining yourself a difference size and shape, this is about a whole new you, not a whole new someone who doesn’t exist.

Work through a series of actions that you can do while staying in budget and setting yourself a little goal to achieve each month.

Maybe you’ll start by letting your hair down a little, literally. If you’re around small children or in an office all day, chances are your morning routine consists of tying it back to avoid it getting tangled up with sticky fingers or in the way of your computer screen. Consider investing in some luxury hair treatment products and give your locks some much needed TLC. Then it’s time to hit the salon for an amazing new style that gives you your confidence and sense of self back.

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Sometimes you can go for days without taking a look in the mirror or checking in on your physical and mental health, so one major change you can make to your life is investing in a little self-care. Give yourself time to get a proper skin care routine in place so the mornings start with you and a little luxury pampering product. It doesn’t have to take long but a fresher look will radically change how you feel.

Hit The Shops

Check out your favorite fashionistas and lifestyle bloggers to decide on what you’re going to wear as part of your new look. If you’re worried about budget, think capsule and buy some wardrobe staples that can be added to as and when you have a little extra cash. Invest in a mix of good quality basics and cheaper accessories for a major new look that brings you joy.

No matter how busy you are or what’s going on in life, spending a little time to update your look and carry out some self-care is something you deserve, make it happen and see your confidence grow.


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