New Year Resolutions: 2016

I am horrible at sticking to new year resolutions. No matter how hard I try each year I never fully commit to them. It's not that I can't. I know I can. It's about the execution process. I last about a week or two and that is about it. In past years I would set goals like no soda or stop eating fast food but let's be real, I am a full time working mom who also works with adolescent girls who always want to eat food. Soda and fast food are hard to avoid on the daily basis and it's just unrealistic especially when I love Pepsi from Taco Bell.

So instead of setting resolutions I have set mini goals that turn into bigger milestones. I am way better at implementing and executing goals. These are my personal goals for 2016.

My Mental Health - I was diagnosed with Postpartum Depression back in November. I'm currently writing a blog post about it. Mentally I have been struggling for the past year. I was diagnosed with P.D. with anxiety and irritability. The littlest things trigger me into having horrible mood swings and I often lack patience. Dealing with three kids has been incredibly difficult this past year and I constantly feel like I am always yelling at them or indifferent towards them. It is not fair to them and hate it. I hate feeling this way.  I am currently taking medication and it is sort of helping but I still have my moments. I plan on taking it slowly each day and just focusing on finding stability and my sanity again.
I will practice patience. 

I need to remind myself that my children are children. It's their job to be wild, crazy and free. I need to learn to just let things go and to just be content with things that I can not control and when I feel like I am at my lowest to pray and ask the Lord to bring me back into the light.

My Physical Health - I suck at drinking eight glasses of water a day or even taking my daily vitamins. This year I will aim to drink a gallon of water a day and set the alarm on my phone reminding me to take my vitamins every morning. I am cutting soda completely out of my diet because it makes me feel like crap after I drink it.

I also will be starting to workout again. I still have some baby weight to lose and exercise helps with my mood. I think it helps me to distress and I can put my aggression into cardio or pumping iron. My goal is to workout four days a week and do a monthly challenge like abs, squats, arms, and so on each month. If I lose weight than that would be great but I just want my mind and body to feel better. 

Pay off some debt - We still have some medical debt that we are paying off along with a couple credit cards. We hope to eliminate two of the cards by September and pay off Aurora's birth in March. It's totally doable. We paid off two medical bills last month and its nice having some extra cash this month to put towards other bills.

Be More Organized - With three kids it is incredibly difficult to organize all their things. My house is always a mess and I am constantly cleaning and picking up after everybody. It seriously raddles my brain and doesn't help with my mood swings. My plan is to organize the kid's bedroom closets, toys, the linen closet, the laundry area, and my own closet this year. I need to do a major downsize and make things more functional especially since we are moving into a bigger space at the end of April. I feel like we have a lot of crap and the goal is to get rid of things we don't need anymore. 

I also am going to get all of our paperwork in order. I swear I never get any peace because we have mail, important documents, Amari's school art,  and things that need to get shredded all over the desk. I drives me insane and makes our bedroom look a hot mess and it just stresses me out. 

The last and final goal for organization is to meal plan again. We saved a lot of money with meal planning and it was nice knowing what we were going to have for meals each day. It also made grocery shopping easier. 

Blog More - I miss writing. It allows me to get my thoughts out and to process everything. It was why I started Simply Durant in the first place. I hope to blog at least once a week, two if I can manage it. I am a working mom so finding balance will be a struggle at first but it will happen. I posted more in December than any other month last year. It felt great to write and it also boosted my mood. 

These are my goals for 2016. I'm going to focus on the little things first but ultimately my health is number one. I have hope that this year will be a great one. 

Happy New Year.
Thanks for stopping bye.

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