Top Ten of Fifteen

I can not believe that the year is coming to a close. I know I say this every year, but this year went by really quick. So many wonderful things happened this year and it truly was a great year. Here are some of our top tens for 2015:

1. Amari turned five in February.  

2. Trevor and I celebrated our four year wedding anniversary in June. We also celebrated six years together in March.

3. In July we bought our new car! We traded in Beast Mode for a Ford Flex with a third row. It's beautiful and we absolutely love it! Car shopping was an ordeal and every vehicle we wanted had something wrong with it. I think it was the Lord watching out for us and he answered one of our prayers by finding a car that was in our budget but most importantly roomie. 

4. In August Amari started his schools three week Jump Start program. It served him wonders! I'm so happy we signed him up for it. He really benefited from it.

5. In September Amari started kindergarten. I never finished writing about his first day of school but think I might sometime in January. It's half finished. I might as well.

6. Aurora turned one in September. She had a nice birthday bash and surprised mommy and daddy by walking the day of her birthday! It was a great birthday gift to herself. Two weeks later she was running! 

7. I attended my first parent/teacher conference in October with Amari. He is doing great, just needs to focus more and stay on task.

8. I turned 30 in October. I'm still in denial about it. 

9. Talan turned three in November. 

10. We paid off two huge medical bills this month! It feels great to windle down debt. For 2016 we hope to pay off the last two medical bills and a credit card bill so we can start saving to buy a house. 

2015 has been good to us but I am eager to see what 2016 brings our way. Happy New Years Eve everybody!

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