Christmas Season Photo Challenge

I created an Autumn and Winter photo challenge for fun a few years ago. For some crazy reason, it's now going viral on Pinterest. I definitely didn't expect that! Thank you to all of those who have pinned my previous pins. I appreciate you! 

I decided to create another fun photo challenge for the Christmas Season! I love taking photos for my Chatbooks and Instagram. You can do so here if you need to follow me on IG; you should. You can find me at @iam.natasha.c

Since I have been feeling a little blue the past couple of months, doing a photo challenge will hopefully spark joy for you and me this holiday season. There are a total of 42 photo ideas for December. Feel free to pick and choose whatever ideas work for you and adapt them to fit the climate you live in. I live in the Pacific Northwest, and we have all four seasons, but it rains 10 months out of the year.

Feel free to use the hashtag #SDBchristmasphotochallenge so I can see the beautiful photos that you take! 

Thanks for swinging by the blog today. Have a wonderful weekend! 

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