3 Garden Adjustments For When You Have Children

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Anyone who enjoys spending time in the garden, be that landscaping, growing vegetables or simply reading a good paperback with a cup of warm tea, will know that comfort, safety, and beauty are some of the main priorities we have when cultivating this space. With these parameters to guide you, even simple and modest garden spaces can come into their own.

As we welcome children into our family unit, it’s worth making a few garden adjustments to keep them safe and happy in this space. Of course, children take a few years to learn how to walk and run to the point they can play with one another in an outside space, so this gives you a little time to plan your garden or even move into a new property altogether, perhaps with amenities closer to your needs.

It’s easy to view the world from only our adult-centric point-of-view, and so sometimes making adjustments for when you have children is key. Let’s consider what that might look like, below:

Storage Sheds

As your children begin to play in your garden, you’ll find yourself buying toys and equipment for them to use. That might include bicycles with stabiliser wheels, footballs and goals or basketballs and hoops, portable pools and many other fun little purchases for them to have a blast with. In that case, it’s helpful to use storage shed builders to help contain and protect all of these items when not in use. Unfortunately, thefts from gardens do happen, and so it’s good to invest in a secure space where they can be stored appropriately after use each day. You can also safely store your gardening tools and other equipment here outside of your household spare room or garage, freeing up space in your main building.

Gates & Fences

Of course, it’s important to keep a close eye on your children even if they’re outside less than twenty meters away from you. That said, it’s important to recognize that you can’t keep your eyes trained on them at every single moment, that’s just not realistic. For this reason, investing in a set of worthwhile gates and privacy fences can help you keep them contained in the garden, and also protect them from others seeing them who may not be a neighbor from a nearby house. This way, your peace of mind is protected, and your children will be safer.

Better Lawn & Tree Care

Children are incredibly good at finding danger, and for this reason, we have to pre-empt that approach. That’s why it’s good to have trees in your garden pruned where you can, cutting down any dead branches that could fall. You may also attend to your garden steps down to the main lawn, making sure they’re secure and an effective handrail is present. Keeping your lawn well-trimmed will help you ensure it’s safe, that water runoff prevents pooled water which can be dangerous for children, and that no wildlife is present.

With this advice, you’re sure to make the correct garden adjustments necessary for when you have children.

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