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If you've been with somebody for a while, you might start wondering whether or not she is the one for you. We all look for that special person who will fill our lives for us and make us feel whole, but while you are still a whole person, you still feel like somebody else completes you.

Before you start heading out and browsing through Harry Winston's exclusive collection, you should think about whether or not the person you are with is the one the person made for you is somebody that you share the rest of your life with happily, and every day feels like a blessing, even on the days where you annoy each other enough to tears. With that in mind, here are some of the signs that you will know that she is the one for you.

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  • You feel happy. This is not just surface happiness, but the happiness that you can feel right down to your toes and right within the middle of your chest. It's the kind of happiness that makes you feel excited to see her at the end of the day because you know that she is the best person you'd want to spend all of your time with. Everything about her just makes you smile; even the annoying things that you know wind you up. She makes you happy that you wouldn't trade those arguments or those annoyances for anything or anybody else.

  • She's your person. No matter what the situation is, you know that you can call her and tell her, and she won't judge you for it. You know that she'll give you sound advice, and while she may become exasperated with you if you do something wrong, you know that you'd still rather tell her before telling anyone else. You know that she'll take your secrets to her grave, and she's the one that you'll call every time you have a problem, or you have a bad day, or when you have a good day. She's the person that you'll tell everything to.

  • She loves you for you, no matter what. You love her because she's annoying and for all of her quirks, but she also still loves you with your weird quirks and your weird things. When you wash your socks around the house, or when you refuse to wear your slippers outside, she still loves you anyway. All of the messy bits, from the way that you eat your cereal to the way that you pour your drinks, are still lovable to her no matter what.

  • You have her unwavering support. There are going to be times in life when you can't believe in yourself, but if she believes in you no matter what, then she is definitely the one for you. She's your cheerleader, she's your sounding board, and she's going to back you. No matter whether or not she thinks the decisions that you make are good ideas, she's always going to be there for you and support you.

  • She makes you glow. Your friends and your family love her. Your colleagues love her, you love her, and everything about her just makes you admit a glow that shows happiness all over. If that's how you feel, then there are very good signs here that she's actually the one for you, and you shouldn't be waiting around any longer to put a ring on it. 

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