Giving in to Comfort: Making a Sterile House Feel Like Home

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Moving into a new home means we've got to figure out ways to put our stamp on the property. Lots of modern homes can run the risk of being impersonal or sterile. So what does it take to ensure that we transform the impersonal into the personal? Here are some tips that will make any sterile house feel like home.

The Personal Touches

You've got to reflect your tastes and personality. This is always rule number one to ensure that you are doing what you can to reduce that sterile factor and make it more comfortable. You can incorporate family photos or sentimental objects but you also need to spend your time glossing over those Pinterest boards and finding the right suppliers that speak to your style. Something like a living room doesn't just need the right furniture or television but also something like the right curtains. Opting for Ripplefold draperies and modern curtains can bring that contemporary look to proceedings while also making it warm and inviting.

Transforming the Smells

Stimulating the senses is just as important. If you can remember back to your childhood, you can always remember the smell of the house on Christmas Eve or the unique musk emanating from your bedroom. If you want to make your home more personable you've got to make it smell like home. You can opt for the things that make you nostalgic or you can make complete alterations. Essential oils and scented candles are two simple ways to create new memories and emotions.

Cultivating Coziness 

Comfort and coziness go hand in hand. Finding the right chairs, sofas, and beds that make you want to relax is critical but you can also increase the cozy factor around the property. You can arrange furniture to create cozy corners where you can unwind with a bit more privacy or you can mix and match different textures to add warmth and depth to proceedings.

Warm Colors

Colors just like smells essential to making you feel more at ease in your natural environment. When it comes to the right colors there's no one-size-fits-all because it is a completely personal preference but generally speaking, it's recommended to use soft pastels, warm neutrals, and numerous earthy tones to create that cozy sensation. You don't need to paint every room in the property the same color but it all depends on your individual mindsets. You might benefit from learning how to calm down and, therefore, having the same color throughout the property may seem somewhat one note, but could be essential to your mindset, especially if you feel anxious a lot of the time. 

Displaying Your Treasured Memories

Finally, ensuring that you pepper the property with photos and mementos will always make you feel more at home.  

Modern homes look wonderful, but they can certainly be impersonal. When it comes to making those changes and ensuring a sterile house feels more like home you can implement some of these changes but there's so many more options out there. Always remember to trust your instincts and there is no rush when it comes to creating the perfect place that feels like home.

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