Wear Specs? How to Look After Your Designer Glasses

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It helps to look after your designer glasses to prolong their lifetime. Keeping them in the Case provided helps when you aren’t using them. But even the way you hold your glasses can damage them over time. So, here are some tips to ensure you don’t damage your spectacles.

Be Aware of How You Remove Them

The simple act of removing your glasses from your head can damage them if not done properly. If you remove them in the wrong way, you will find yourself in need of specialist repair services such as Fast-Fix. The correct method is to hold your frames at both sides and gently pull your glasses forward. If you remove your glasses with one hand, you will loosen the arms and can even bend them out of shape. Removing them correctly helps ensure they will last longer.

Keep them in the Case

It’s all too easy to get into the habit of putting your glasses on a surface when not using them. We all do it. The nightstand, a coffee table, or your office desk. Yet these are all dangerous areas for your glasses. For example, they can be easily knocked off. And leaving them next to the couch is like inviting someone to stand on them. And if this happens, even the best repair service can’t help you. So always place them inside the Case provided when not in use.

Use Wipes to Look After Your Designer Glasses

Keeping glasses clean is essential. First, they can get very grimy and accumulate bacteria and germs on the arms and inside the lens frames. And the lenses themselves become smudged and smeared, reducing the effectiveness of your spectacles. For stubborn stains and dirt, wipe your glasses down with alcohol wipes to kill bacteria and remove smudges. You can also use a spray, but never wipe this off with a kitchen roll, toilet tissue, or any other rough materials.

Use Only Microfiber Cloth

When you clean your glasses with a spray, always use a microfiber cloth. These are made from soft materials that won’t damage the frames or the lenses. Your glasses should come with at least one cloth for cleaning. It is recommended to use this multiple times per day since you touch your face 23 times per hour on average. And you might inadvertently touch your lenses. If you don’t have cloth, you can buy these at supermarkets and discount stores for very cheap.

Hold them Properly when Cleaning

Believe it or not, even how you hold your glasses when cleaning can damage them. For example, holding your frames at the arms will encourage bending. And it doesn’t make any sense to hold them at the lenses. For minimal damage, hold your new glasses by the nose ridge when cleaning. This is often the strongest part of the frames and can take more pressure. It’s also the least functional part of the glasses, so smudging here won’t have any effect on them.


It’s easy to look after your designer glasses to make them last longer. Remove them correctly with both hands, wipe with a microfiber cloth and alcohol, and hold them at the nose ridge.

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