How to Make Your House Move Easier When You Have Kids

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If you have a large family and want to move house, then you will know what an exciting experience this can be. You may feel as though you have a huge adventure ahead of you and that you can’t wait to get started with this new chapter of your life. That being said, you do need to make sure that you are organized, especially if you have kids. This is easier said than done, but these tips will make the whole thing way easier for you.

Talk them Through it

Telling your kids that you are moving is a good idea, but you can’t expect them to understand the whole process. Get them used to the idea of what moving will involve, and also do what you can to alleviate any anxiety that they may have about leaving their home. If you can do this, then you will be able to put their minds at ease, which will make the move itself easier for you.

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Ask them What’s On Their Mind

You also need to sit and talk with your child. Ask them what is on their mind, and listen to any concerns that they may have. It may be that they are concerned about fitting all of their toys into their new bedroom or that they are going to be away from their friends. It’s important to know that even though your child’s concerns may seem small, to them, they can be a big deal. By listening to them, you can then give them the support they need to navigate the process.

Choose your Moving Day

Choosing the right time to move can be difficult. That being said, you do need to plan the best day. A lot of parents tend to move in the middle of summer, but moving companies tend to be very busy around this time. If you want to make things easier on yourself, then move during term time. You will have more availability with moving companies, and it gives your child the chance to keep up with their routine of going to school, which gives them consistency when they are trying to adjust to their new environment. If you need a quality moving company, then iMOVE gives you the chance to compare moving services.

Make it a Game

One of the best tips, if you want to move house, would be for you to make it into a bit of a game. This will keep them interested in what is going on, and it will also give them the chance to stay entertained. Moving house is a huge step, and a lot of people get caught up in all the stress. That being said, if you can lighten up, then this will help you and your kids, so you can have the best time.

Know where Everything is

It is so important that you make a list of where everything is. If your child has a favorite toy, then they may become panicked if they can’t find it, and you may end up with way more stress than you need. One way to work around this would be for you to label each box with the contents. You can find box labels online that allow you to detail individual items.

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