5 Ways to Keep Your Home Sparkling Clean with Minimal Effort

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Keeping your home sparkling clean is more important than ever with COVID-19 doing the rounds. But it can be, well, a chore. So here are some quick tips for making it easier.

Invest in High-End Cleaning Equipment

You can only work as well as the tools you have. And you might not have the right ones. Fortunately, there are tons you can use that make cleaning easier. And with better results than you could do alone. If you have carpets, then carpet cleaning tools and services are essential. Neither is expensive, and you only need to use them about once a year. For hardwood flooring, invest in a steam cleaner. These are excellent for killing bacteria and deep-cleaning. Finally, a hand steamer will help keep your kitchen and bathroom clean and hygienic.

Dust Your Home Every Other Day

No one likes dusting. Dirt gets on you, up to your nose, and makes you feel itchy. But it only gets like that when you don’t do it for a long time. The first thing you should know is there’s nothing you can do about dust. Dust is made of human skin, animal hairs, and airborne microbes. So even the cleanest home will have dust. However, you can minimize dust by dusting every other day. You don’t even need expensive tools. A feather duster does a great job for less than a cup of coffee. And you will drastically cut down on your allergy symptoms.

Keep Your Home Sparkling Clean with Good Habits

Like most things, getting into good cleaning habits is one of the best ways to keep your home neat and tidy. For instance, 60% of people don’t make their beds in the morning. This is outrageous. You need to get into the habit since it takes less than a minute and makes your bedroom look a lot tidier. Plus, the movement helps wake you up. And the same goes for doing the dishes. Cooking can be a job and a half, and you might use a lot of pans and bowls, etc. So wash these as you go along when cooking, and wash the dishes immediately after eating.

Assign Specific Days for Certain Things

Of course, some jobs are bigger and tougher than just washing a few dishes in the sink. For instance, your bathroom and kitchen and home to the most dangerous bacteria get grimy. Therefore, these are the hardest areas to clean and can be off-putting. But you can severely reduce the chances of getting ill if you clean these rooms once a week. Clean surfaces thoroughly with antibacterial products for the best results. When you clean these regularly, it actually gets easier to do so and takes far less time than scrubbing when dirty.

Get Everyone to Play their Part

Unless you are the only one in the home, everyone has a responsibility to play their part. Your partner should help clean up, as should teen children. No one suggests forcing people to clean. But your family should at least clean their own toilet bowls, put laundry in hampers, and put away toys and/or video games. And if you have toddlers, you can help create an attitude of responsibility by getting them to pitch in early with drying the dishes or putting dishes in the dishwasher. Studies have shown that clean children usually grow up to be clean and tidy adults.


Almost no one enjoys cleaning. But you can make it easier on yourself with cleaning equipment, regular dusting, and good cleaning habits. Also, try to get everyone to pitch in and help you out.

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