How Regular Air-Con Maintenance Can Improve Your Household

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How often do you get your HVAC serviced? As a rule of thumb, professionals recommend keeping up-to-date with yearly maintenance appointments. As the weather is getting warmer, now is the best time to book your next service. This will ensure your air-con unit is ready for when you need it the most!

Can you skip maintenance and servicing to save costs? This is an interesting question and one that is likely to appear more frequently as the US is hitting a period of recession. Here are all the reasons why you don’t want to skip servicing. 

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Maintain good indoor air quality

Indoor air quality is frequently overlooked when it comes to your overall health. But it can have a major impact. Indeed, poor air quality can lead to allergies, irritation, respiratory discomfort, and even acne outbreaks. 

Failing to maintain your air-con unit will affect your indoor air quality dramatically: 

  • The filter inside the unit needs replacing to collect dust particles effectively. 

  • Unaddressed malfunctions can lead the unit to release dust rather than collect it. 

  • If too much dust accumulates on the filter or on the unit, it can lead to overheating. This can contribute to the emission of VCOs and dirt particles. 

This will prevent excessive dust buildups too!

Keep your energy bills low

Here’s a question for you: How much does your air conditioning system cost? According to surveys, air conditioning accounts for approximately 12% of your home energy expenditure

However, as energy costs are increasing, the overall electric bill has become heftier for American households. Additionally, global warming and climate change have contributed to relying on air-con more frequently throughout the year. In other words, while in 2015, air conditioning was only 12% of your energy expenditure, the ratio is increasing. These things combined affect your household energy budget. 

Maintaining the performance of your unit through regular maintenance can ensure that you are at least only paying for what you truly need. 

Reduce noise pollution

Ultimately, there is no secret. Homes can develop disturbing noises over time. Some of the more common culprits include an old plumbing system, creaking hardwood flooring and structure, and unmaintained appliances. Lack of maintenance can drive your air-con unit to work harder to cool the air, which can lead to the motor becoming louder too. 

Is noise pollution dangerous? According to this Forbes article, noise pollution can lead to high stress levels, loss of concentration, and anger management issues. In the long term, it can make your home feel less relaxing and welcoming. 

Remove excess moisture 

Air-con units do more than just cool the air. They can also collect humidity, making them excellent dehumidifiers. Without maintenance, the function can be affected. This may not become obvious in terms of your breathing comfort. But it can lead to the formation and spread of mold spores inside humid rooms. In short, keeping up with your unit maintenance schedule will also protect the integrity of your home structure.  

In conclusion, if you are wondering whether you should save money and skip servicing your air conditioning system, the answer is no. Regular servicing and maintenance will help keep your energy costs low, your household healthy, and your home structure safe. 

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