Top Tips for Managing Firearms Around Kids

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One of the most common things all US houses have is a firearm. Parents who love to hunt and love to be in the great outdoors most commonly have them in the home and they teach their children what it’s like to be safe with the firearms that are there. Safety is key in family life but with firearms, it’s all the more important. You need to adhere to all and any precautions when it comes to gun safety and that includes researching the statistics about firearm injuries.

Shopping with Liberty Safe online will help you to choose the right way to protect your home, your children and yourself, but it’s also about protecting your investment with your firearms. Making some rules for handling firearms safely is imperative but knowing how to prevent dangerous accidents really will matter, too. So, here are some tips for managing your firearms around your children.

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  1. Learn some ground rules. If you’re taking the kids out hunting, you need to learn some rules to ensure that you are all safe. You might be surprised to know that there are age limits for some states for children to be involved in hunting trips, but before any trip you should ensure that you are all taking gun safety classes.

  2. Reduce access. One of the biggest issues that families have is access to firearms. Children play with what they think are toys, but firearms are not toys - at all - and you know that yourself. You should consider the fact that you want your children to be safe and reducing their access is the easiest way to do it. Getting a gun safe installed in the home is the smartest decision that you can make, and it’s important to buy two. You want to have one for ammo and one for guns - never, ever store a loaded gun.

  3. Unload a gun before children handle it. If you want your children to get used to the hold and feel of having a gun, then unload it and make a point of showing them that it’s unloaded, too. Children should see the safety of a gun and not just see you shooting it. 

  4. Take your kids to shooting classes. Gun safety is all about knowledge and not fear. They should know the power of the weapon but that means educating them on the necessity of learning how to shoot and when to do it. They should learn the proper technique so that they can hold a gun and not worry about it. Confidence is key and as their parents, you shouldn't have to worry about it, either. 

Understanding how to manage firearms around children will mean that all of you remain as safe as possible while you are handling things that can cause accidents and death. You want your family to be as safe as possible and knowing your children are confident with firearms will help that to happen! Take your time with this one as you should never have to rush ensuring that you're all safe. 

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