Why More Women Should Propose

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Traditionally, men have always proposed to women. However, more women are starting to challenge gender roles - in recent years, there has been an increase in the amount of women proposing to men

Of course, many women are still reluctant to take the lead. There’s a belief that it should be the duty of the man to prove their commitment. Many women also worried that a man may take offense if they propose as it could be seen as emasculating. 

However, this all comes to a belief in gender norms. For those women who are willing to defy traditional expectations, there are many benefits to proposing as a woman. Below are some of the big benefits.

End the waiting game

If you’ve been together a long time and your partner has still not proposed, it could start to get frustrating waiting for them to pop the question - especially if you’re more than ready to take the next step and get married. Proposing allows you to speed things along if you’re tired of waiting. If you’re not sure if they even want to get married, it could be a way to get a definitive answer. If they do want to get married and have just been putting it off, it could prevent an unnecessary delay so that you can start planning your wedding now rather than in 10 year time.

Express your love

Proposing to someone is one of the greatest declarations of love that you can make. Men are typically the only ones that get to make this declaration, but why shouldn't women have a chance to express their love too? Whether you propose first or propose back, a proposal can be a great way to show how much a partner means to you. Check out these proposal ideas for inspiration. 

Choose your own ring

Many men like to propose with a ring. There is always a risk that if they haven’t done their research properly, you could end up with a ring that is the wrong size or in a style you don’t like. If you’ve got a specific preferred style of ring that you’d like, proposing could allow you to then go shopping afterwards and choose your own ring (you could even use a custom engagement ring designer to get it to your exact specs). Ultimately, it prevents your partner from having to rely on guesswork - you can shop for a ring together and they can still buy it for you safe in the knowledge that it’s the right ring.

They can still propose

Just because you propose first doesn’t mean that they can’t propose back to show their love in return. If your partner already had plans to propose to you, this gives them the chance to still go ahead with their plans. This gives them an opportunity to declare their love and you get a chance to be the one being proposed to. If you do decide to propose first, it’s worth making this clear to your partner. 

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