Dealing with the Most Embarrassing Home Issues

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Most of us have embarrassing home issues that we wish would go away. Some of the worst can really get you down. But fortunately, most things can easily be remedied with a bit of work.

Clogged Up Drains

Have you noticed a faint smell in the air of your home? Or perhaps you find yourself standing in a pool of water when taking a shower. If so, you probably have blocked drains. Unfortunately, blocked drains are extremely common in every house. Because when you shower, bathe or wash the dishes, all kinds of biological materials get caught in the pipes. This includes hair, food waste, fatty deposits, and even things that have been flushed. But don't worry. You can remove most issues with the right drain cleaner tools and use drain unblocker chemicals regularly.

Fraying Carpets

There's nothing quite like a brand-new carpet. The soft feel under your bare feet and how it brings a room together. However, like most things in a home, carpets don't last forever, even when you care for them as you should. You've probably noticed a carpet fraying, especially in a high-traffic area. While it requires some work, fixing frayed carpets is possible. You begin by trimming the frays with a very sharp carpet cutter as close to the threshold as possible. Then secure the carpet with strong double-sided tape and tuck it into the threshold.

Peeling Paint

An often overlooked part of a home is the paintwork, both inside and out. Peeling paint happens naturally since paint isn't designed to last forever. And in addition to being unsightly, peeling paint has some dangers. Some of these dangers include the following:

  • Breathing in particles that can accumulate in the lungs.

  • Possible lead contamination if your home was built before 1978.

  • Children can pick up and eat any paint chips that might have fallen off.

Every type of dust is bad for you, and reducing dust is always a good idea. But paint dust is particularly bad because of the dangerous chemicals. Today, paint is hazardous if it contains toxic organic compounds. Still, older paint is even more dangerous if it has lead.

Dust Everywhere

Dust is also common in homes, and every house has it. Dust is impossible to avoid because it comes from many sources. Common sources of dust are your pets, the air from outside, and your own skin. However, excessive dust will make your home appear unkempt and can even pose a fire hazard if left to bulk up. However, all you need to do is vacuum your carpets and give your home a quick run of a feather duster every other day. Keeping up a routine like this takes no time at all when you do it regularly. And it's far easier than removing excessive amounts.

Mold and Grime

One of the most common complaints in a home is mold. Mold is nothing to be embarrassed about, really, since it can happen to anyone. It's like the flu for homes. However, it can be rather unpleasant and unsightly if you allow it to spread. Additionally, mold poses become dangerous when they reach a certain level. And they will exacerbate the symptoms of breathing issues like asthma, lung function, and even COVID. Fortunately, you can easily kill mold using off-the-shelf products. But you can also prevent it by circulating the air in your home and keeping it dry.


Pretty much everyone has embarrassing home issues. But you can easily deal with the most common ones. These include clogged drains, peeling paint, and a build-up of dust.

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