How to Improve Your Seafood Dishes: 5 Proven Ways to Make Them More Flavorful

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Seafood is a delicious meal choice, but it can be tricky to make. Here are five easy ways to upgrade your seafood dishes to make them tastier than ever. If you're tired of eating the same old fish dishes, then read on.

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Buy Fresh Fish

The first step to making your dish better is to start with good ingredients. Make sure you buy fresh fish. This will not only make your dish taste better, but it will also be more nutritious.

If you want to know whether you're buying the freshest possible fish, look for a glistening sheen on the fish's skin. Fresh fish should have an oily luster that is indicative of its high quality. You don't want to purchase any fish that has drying patches or dull colors because this means it may be nearing expiration and won't taste as good.

To help decide if the seafood is fresh enough for your dish, take a sniff of it! The odor of fresh seafood should smell like the ocean and not like ammonia. A strong ammonia smell means that something isn't right! If you are cooking the seafood in liquid, like in a soup or stew, then it can be tougher to tell if it is fresh or not without cutting into it.

Prep It Correctly

Preparing seafood properly is the first step to making it more flavorful.

You might not think that how you're preparing your dish can make a difference, but it does. Think about how you organize your meat and vegetables. You wouldn't just throw them on the grill and call it a day, right? Preparing seafood correctly means simmering it in a small amount of oil or butter so that it stays moist and tender.

Add Lemon

The first step to making your seafood taste better is to add lemon. Lemon juice can make anything taste better, and it's no different for seafood dishes. Add some lemon chunks or slices to your dish to give it a fresh, light taste. You can also squeeze the lemon juice over the top of your meal before you eat it for maximum flavor payoff. This will give the dish added flavor and help it stay fresh longer in the fridge. Try this delicious lemon shrimp pasta to see how much effect adding lemon to your fish can make!

Add The Correct Seasonings

Seafood dishes can be a little bland, but they don't have to be. All you need is the right spice mix.

The best way to make seafood taste better is by adding a little salt and pepper, paprika, cayenne, or any other seasoning that you enjoy. A pinch of thyme will also do wonders for your dish!

If you're looking for a more authentic flavor, try adding some spices from the Mediterranean region. For example, turmeric is often used in Indian curry dishes and is perfect for fish.

One popular low-fat option that tastes great is adding soy sauce to your dish. The salty flavor pairs well with fish and can easily take any meal from boring to exciting in no time at all.

Use Seafood Recipes for Guidance

Seafood recipes are fun to use for guidance. They offer many different ideas for cooking your seafood, what ingredients to include, what flavors will work well together, and so much more. When you feel stuck in the kitchen, try looking at a seafood recipe for some new inspiration. Seafood has long been an ingredient used in many of the most popular dishes worldwide, so there are plenty of recipes out there to choose from!

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