How To Make Your Home Tidy And Beautiful

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Ever watched those home make-over TV shows where designers come in and completely spruce up a home? They get an hour or so and a complete transformation takes place. They take your existing home item, a touch of paint, and some creative flair, and the next moment their home is unrecognizable and carries that WOW factor. 

If you find yourself sitting there wishing that your home was next for one of these renovations and your home got the treatment it needed to make it gorgeous and even more energy-efficient, this post won’t guarantee that but it will give you some amazing pointers to bring the beauty back to your house. 

Get Rid Of The Clutter

Before you can start revamping your home, you need to clear the clutter. It may sound exhausting but it is a necessary step. Be thorough, get your bin bag to hand and get to the back of all cupboards, draw, and hidey-hole. 

Don’t hold back. A good rule of thumb when having a good clear out is if you haven’t used it in the last 6-12 months the likelihood is you don’t use it and therefore don’t need it. So, don’t be afraid to clear out some of the childhood artwork that is now collecting dust. If it holds real sentimental value, box it and put it somewhere safe, but make sure you are being strict and not hoarding everything you or your kids have ever made. 

Top Tip - start as you mean to go on. Don’t move it into piles. Rubbish goes into the bin, if it’s being kept put it away. 

A Beautiful Home Starts Outside

They say you can see the beauty in a person’s soul through the eyes. With your house, it is the ProVia entry doors

Like with most things, although you shouldn’t necessarily do it, an opinion and ‘vibe’ are formed from the first glance. If that first view of your home from the curb is one of disarray and mess, you will enter your home looking for the same inside. 

Giving the front of your home a good tidy-up makes a big difference. Clean your doors and windows. Bring the lawn into shape and put some plants and flowers on the front of your property to make it inviting and beautiful. 

Flowers Are A Must

You don’t need an excuse to have flowers in your home. You also don't need to wait for someone to buy them for you. 

They don’t even have to be expensive, but a few bunches of flowers located in your living room, hall, and kitchen add vibrancy and life to your home. 

They can add a splash of color. They can be used to showcase your personality and lift your spirit.

Everything Needs A Home

To make your home as beautiful as possible you need to avoid clutter. The whole reason for clearing all the rubbish and unneeded items is to allow your home to be clear of unnecessary items on display and ruining your home’s aesthetics. 

Now, everything has a home, you need to get in the routine of putting items away. If you don’t have to spend a large amount of time tidying up when it is time to complete your 30 minutes of cleaning that is actually what you do. You will be amazed at what you can accomplish in a short time when you are not having to spend unnecessary time putting items away. 

Don’t Skip The Quick Jobs

If you are wanting to consistently have a clean and tidy-looking home, it is important that you are completing those quick little daily jobs to achieve this. Your home will never look clean and tidy unless the small jobs get done. 

Getting in the habit of making your bed each day and putting the clean washing away will help you keep your home in order. 

Set A Timer

The trick behind this method is that you do as much as you can complete in this time. When you have a whole house to clean, you most likely procrastinate and get distracted with your jobs, and not accomplish as much as you would ideally want. 

When you are just doing your cleaning for 30 minutes, you have a dedicated start and finish time. So set a timer and when the time is up, stop. As you start doing this on a daily basis you will find that the house overall becomes cleaner and you get more completed in the 30 minutes as the weeks go along. 

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