Interior Design Rules To Adhere To

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Even if you are a natural rulebreaker, and like to rebel, here are a couple of interior design rules that you should really stick to. 

In the last few years, we have been home a lot more often and that has seen a huge amount of influence over how we interact with our homes. Check out this is a great blog post that covers how trends have changed over the last two years - you might be surprised. 

How about the are some classic rules when it comes to interior design that should never be broken.

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Bad curtains

If there is one thing that will make a room look messy and disjointed, it is having curtains that are too long or too short.

Curtains that hang as an awkward length, really do draw the attention of visitors. And it will be something that you will look at time and again yourself. it is very important that you measure carefully before you decide to fit curtains. There are a few things that can go wrong.

One of the first mistakes that people often make is not having a curtain rail that is long enough to comfortably open the curtains and beyond the edge of the window.

And the next mistake is having their curtains too high from the floor, or with too much material on the bottom.


If you have purchased a rug too big or too small, you will forever notice it. One of the problems is that rugs are quite expensive, and the more sizeable they are, the more they cost. in

It is important to measure the amount of space you want to cover with your rug and light it up on the floor with tape. Then play around with the furniture that you want to sit on top of the road so you can be sure it will fit. 

You are looking to make sure that there are no curled-up corners or trip hazards. 

And while you might be tempted to get a rug that doesn't meet your size requirements because it is in the style you want, try not to do this. It is better to wait for the right size rug.


Unsurprisingly there is an art to hanging artwork. You are looking to make sure that the artwork is at eye level for most people. It is essential that rather than getting handy with the hammer, you carefully measure the distance between the floor and the ceiling and place the artwork accordingly.

If you hang the artwork too high, this will cause people to need to crane their neck to look at it, and of course, they might miss out on some of those all-important details. You are looking to hang the artwork at the center of the piece.

Interior design rules are usually made to be broken and reconstructed. Of course, that is what makes interior design so interesting to experiment with. But you need to be mindful of how you bend and break those rules. 

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