5 Reasons To Stop Letting Our Children Play With Our Phones

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Most of us think that giving our children our phones to play with for a few minutes is a great way to an easy life, but we all know that we shouldn't be relying on phones to placate our children, but sometimes we just need a little reminder of the reasons why we should think twice about giving them our phone. 

They Always Know How to Unlock It! 

If you give your child your phone, it usually means they are able to access things that you haven't got a clue how to do yourself! This means that, unless you know how to recover deleted photos, you could be opening yourself up for a whole heap of trouble. It's always a good idea to have a proper child lock on your phone, even if they are absolutely desperate to watch videos and just play games. 

It Will Impact Their Sleep

You might think a little video treat at the end of the day is just what you need for a quiet life, but there's a lot to be said about the impacts of blue lights on everybody's ability to sleep, especially your child. Our children need more rest than we do and it could very well stunt their abilities for creative thinking. 

It Can Cause an Addiction

Everybody is looking at their phones more often, and even if we think of nothing more than looking at our phone for a few minutes, we have to think about the example it is setting for our kids. If we don't want our children to look at devices as they get older but we continue to do so, we are the very definition of being a hypocrite. It's certainly not easy but we could start by limiting our screen time to set a better example. If you really need to look at your phone, do it when the kids are asleep! 

It Can Desensitize Our Children

Our children could be exposed to a lot more in the big wide world than we would like, especially when they are younger. When they are starting school, their friends are going to talk about numerous YouTube videos, and while there's a lot of material that is suitable, you've got to set limits. If your children are exposed to mild violence, your children are getting desensitized, and that violent behavior becomes a “normal” way to solve issues. 

Its Impacts on Physical Health

Being sat in one spot for hours on end is going to indirectly cause obesity. It will have a negative impact on their mental health. We know that scrolling through social media is not good for us, and we are fully developed human beings! Think about your children and the fact that their little brains are still developing. 

There's so much to unravel, but of the many things we can do for them, let's limit our smartphone use, and when our children want to play with our phones because they see us looking at it all the time, it's time to put it away.


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