5 Predicted Home Décor Design Trends of 2022

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The year is almost over. And as we say goodbye to another 12 months most of us would rather forget, we can at least look forward to updating our homes in the new year. Some trends make a welcome return with a modern twist, while others prove they never really go out of style. Get ahead of the game and evolve your current style with these predicted design trends of 2022.

Color Blocking

A bold style for any room, color blocking looks great when done correctly. However, it is typically used sparingly and in spaces that can handle it. For example, hallways with lots of natural light benefit from painting everything the same color and shade, such as the walls, skirts, and radiators. But color blocking is also predicted as a top style for kitchen cabinet colors of 2022. So along with the tiles, floors, and walls broken up with a neutral counter color, color blocking is set to lead us into the new year with a color explosion in the home's most used room.

Curves and Flows

For a while now, you have probably taken home décor too seriously. As we entered the 21st century, hard lines and sharp angles entered the home to reflect modern technology's changing times and evolution. So, as you step further into the second decade, you could consider the predicted curves with a flowing design. Your home will feel softened with natural curved shapes found in nature. And the trend also extends to colors and prints such as monochrome flowing patterns on your rug to compliment the lampshade and sofa above.

70s Revival

Trends of the past always influence trends of the future. And if you feel your home could do with some funky retro designs and colors, then 2022 is the year for you. Nostalgia is big business these days, and 70s enthusiasts will feel right at home with the predicted 70 revivals. Flat greens and pink coloring compliment sepia-toned geometric shapes. And your lighting patterns should provide an inviting glow through tinted glassware such as lampshades and focus-point centerpieces. Popular 1970s materials include velvet, brass, and glass.

Cottage Materials

Country chic and cottage core are still popular. But the trend is set to explode in 2022. Cottage core tries to encourage timeliness, warmth, and coziness by reflecting the style after it is named. In essence, you strive to create an atmosphere of somewhere you feel safe and welcome. While you might think of country décor as chintzy, modern style interpretation is more refined. Cottagecore retains classic aspects such as floral prints and crossed geometry. Yet, many of the accompanying materials and styles are modern and trendy. For instance, parquet floors, wood and metal balancing, and exposed beams and bricks. 

Indoor Plants

During 2020 and 2021, bringing the outside to the inside was a massive trend as we took refuge from a Covid-19 world during lockdown restrictions. Unfortunately, you have not seen the last of this trend as we enter yet another year of uncertainty and possible further lockdowns. As a result, indoor pants are predicted to become part of 2022's popular design trends. However, while you may be put off by looking after indoor plant life, an abundance of faux plants is part of the prediction. You can create a stunning arrangement with a mixture of natural and false greenery.

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