Anniversary Around The Corner? Simple Ways To Celebrate

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An anniversary can be celebrated for many different reasons, both good and bad. But either way, they’re a special day, and you deserve to do something special on them, even if you can’t blow the bank on a big idea. And no matter what anniversary you’ve got coming up, if you’re on a limited budget or not much time to dedicate to it, there are many simple ways to celebrate you can come up with. But to help you out, we’ve got some ideas below to get you thinking. 

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Cook Together

Cooking together is a great thing to do for a romantic anniversary; if you and your partner got married 4 or 5 years ago today, set some time aside for the both of you to get creative in the kitchen. 

Try out a new, big recipe neither of you has even heard of before, or try to lay out a Tapas spread, with lots of little dishes to choose from. All in all, just have some fun, even if you just end up throwing flour at each other! No matter what your end dishes end up looking like, this will be an anniversary to remember.  

Get Some Memorial Jewelry

Losing a loved one is never easy, but as the years go by, it becomes more manageable to live with. As such, if the anniversary of a loved one’s death is coming up, you’ll probably want a small and simple yet wonderful and loving way to celebrate their life. 

You want to do something dedicated to their memory, but you don’t want to spend the day sad, and you definitely don’t want to make things any harder on your loved ones either. So, why not think about getting some Unique Cremation Jewelry made? 

Whether you want to fill a pendant with some ashes, or you want a ring that holds a piece of hair, having a bit of jewelry to keep on you at all times will feel incredibly special. 

Go for a Picnic

Picnics are a wonderfully cozy thing to do on an anniversary, whether you’re celebrating with a partner or you want to treat your parents to a day out on their big day. And if you think a restaurant might be better to book, don’t worry! A picnic always works, seeing as everybody loves chowing down on tasty food, having fresh air to breathe in, and spending time with the people they love. 

So take your time to put together some great recipes, get a big enough hamper to fit the parcels, cutlery, and crockery in, and then surprise your loved one by just taking them out. Who cares if it’s a Thursday afternoon? You’ve got a picnic to get to! 

Celebrating an anniversary, of any kind, can feel a bit awkward. After all, these celebrations take a lot of planning, and who knows if your best friend or your parents are even going to be available? So take a more relaxed approach! 

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