5 Steps to Organizing Your Garage

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Garages are often neglected. They become a dumping ground for all kinds of things, and this clutter can make it difficult to find what you need when you need it. But there is no reason your garage should be so messy! You don't have to live with the mess forever. It only takes some time and effort to organize your garage into an area that will improve your quality of life by making everything easier to find where it belongs.

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Make Sure To Exterminate For Pests

When you start to organize your garage, pests will likely come with. If there are already some in your home or yard, call a pest control professional right away so you can stop the problem at its source! Make sure to exterminate them before they get out of hand and attract even more unwanted guests into the area.


If certain things need custom garage design, then take time now to draw up the plans and get an estimate with a contractor on how much this project would cost. This way, when it comes time for renovating your home to add more space, you can easily include customizing or custom building your garage as well.

Sort Through Everything

Start by getting rid of everything you don't need. If it has not been used in the past year, then the chances are that you will never use it again. Donate anything to another person or organization that needs it more. Make sure to keep tools and anything else with value if someone wants to buy them from you.


What a great way to organize your garage. They are not only functional but also look great. These items can be placed in different areas of your garage depending on what you want to store and how much space is available. A shelf covering the entire wall will give you more storage options, while a small metal rack or wooden crate may better suit a corner.

No matter where you would like to place your storage, it is essential to remember that garage shelves need proper support. So before purchasing any units or supplies, measure the walls and ceiling of your garage. If possible, have someone hold up the items while you are measuring, so they do not fall on anyone's head!

Labeling Everything

No matter how much you organize your garage, it will seem cluttered if everything is just thrown in there without being labeled. Use colored labels for each shelf or bin to know what happens when items are pulled out of the frames. Alternatively, use different color Post-it notes to label things temporarily and replace them with new labels as you organize and reorganize.

Labeling things will also help to keep your inventory up-to-date. When you or someone else takes something out of the garage, please write it down so that you have an accurate record of how much is in there when they return it.

The most challenging part of organizing your garage is getting started. It will not happen overnight, but it can be done with a bit of patience and hard work! Once you have the tools and supplies to begin, it becomes easier as time passes. An organized garage gives more space for everything else in your life.


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