Where to Find Cheap Flower Girl Dresses

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Last summer one of my younger sister's got married. It was a beautiful backyard wedding on 6 acres of land at my brother-in-law's mother's home in Sandy, Oregon. It was a rustic theme and it turned out beautifully. Hand-cut wooden spears which were made by the groom were on every table. Elk antlers that the groom had hunted over the years was on display next to beautiful peach rose's in burlap-wrapped mason jars. Candles add a romantic charm to the overall appeal of the event.

One of the hardest ordeals, next to deciding on bridesmaid dresses was to figure out what my daughter, Aurora, who was one of two flower girls was going to wear for the wedding

I searched all sorts of shops in town and looked at online retailers for months but came up empty-handed. About a month before the wedding, my sister and I finally found a dress that we both liked. It fit the rustic theme that she was going for but most importantly the material was light enough for my daughter to wear on a warm August day when the sun was at its highest peak in the sky. 

How cute does Aurora look in her chiffon dress with ruffles and lace? To this day I still am in love with how simple yet gorgeous the dress was. I wish I could remember what shop I found it at... 

If you're currently on the hunt to find cheap flower girl dresses for upcoming wedding, here a few dresses and online boutiques on where you find some. 


Check out Amazon.com for adorable and inexpensive flower girl dresses. Prices range from $8 to $80.

Amazon | $7.99-$19.99 

How adorable is this lace dress? I love the country vibes and the soft details of the lace. This dress would be perfect for a rustic/country themed wedding. 


When I was looking for a flower girl dress for my daughter, I wish I would have known about Angrila. Angrila is an award-winning business that has been recognized for excellent designs and their services. Their aim is to design gowns for the entire wedding party that are the best quality and contains elements of originality in each garment. Their gowns are haute-couture quality and reasonably priced. Check out their flower girl dress starting at $5.99. 

I am in love with this tulle tiered flower girl dress with lace sleeves. It has such a sweet and romantic feel to it. This gown would be perfect for a rustic/country or outdoor wedding theme. You can even pick what color you would like the dress to be from 28 color options. 

This knee-length lace dress is the cutest dress that I have ever seen.  It's cute and I am dead serious that I might buy this gown for my daughter to wear for our family photos this year! You have the option to customize the color of dress from 28 color options and it has an adorable and large bow in the back. It is such a cute and sweet dress. 

This dress is snazzy, made from chiffon and pretty lace, and reminds me of my all-time favorite movie, Pride and Prejudice. Doesn't it have that whole Elizabeth Bennet vibe going on? Ugh, it's so gorgeous and it has the best back! Any little girl would look adorable in this flower girl dress. 

Have fun shopping for affordable flower girl dresses. Angrila has some beautiful ones. Thanks for visiting the blog and have a wonderful day.

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