Troublesome Teen Issues That We Can Experience Again Later in Life!

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Being a teenager is hard. You’re developing your identity, you’re experiencing changes and you’re really finding your feet in life. Once you mature a little, it’s easy to breathe a sigh of relief where the troubles and issues you faced back then are over- however, don’t get too complacent! There are actually a number of issues that affected us in our teens that can come back again to haunt us later in life and that we have to go through all over again. Luckily, this time we’re more secure in ourselves and have more knowledge and life experience to get us through- but it doesn’t mean it’s all plain sailing. Here are some examples of how troublesome teen issues can affect us later in life!

Changing Appearance

During our teenage years, we go through some drastic changes which can be quite stressful and strange at times due to hormones. Later on we can experience changing hormones again which can lead to further changes which are even less fun! The menopause can cause strange hair growth, acne and weight gain. Even if you’ve been confident about your appearance for years, these kinds of changes can make you feel a little insecure, but luckily there’s plenty that can be done. A good exercise plan and a healthy diet will help to regulate hormones and reduce weight gain and bloating. If you notice hair growth on the face or other areas of the body it hasn’t been before, you could opt for waxing or laser hair removal, bleaching, depilatory creams and more. Greying hair can be changed at the hairdresser if you don’t fancy rocking your silver locks right now, and you can even improve your smile with invisible braces. If you missed the boat having braces when you were young and spent the next decades not wanting ‘train tracks’ teenage braces then there are plenty of advantages to Invisalign and other invisible braces. Another area that can worry some women as they advance in age is wrinkles and sagging- there are lots of surgical and non-surgical options out there. It’s not to say you have to ‘grow old disgracefully’ and desperately fight back against the signs of aging, however a few changes here and there can really boost your confidence.


Dating is something you’ll remember from your teenage years- the butterflies, the trepidation, the general feeling that you were out of your depth. Unfortunately, it doesn’t get much easier as you get older but you do have some life experience behind you! Of course it’s not the case that every marriage fails, but many people in their forties and beyond do find themselves single again and back in the dating world after many years. When you’re ready to get yourself back out there, make the most of new technology. It makes it easy to find plenty of potential suitors and you can chat or meet until you find someone that’s right for you. Even as a fully fledged adult- it’s still nerve wracking though!

Mental Health

Mental health is ranked as one of the top issues teens face today, and while it can affect people of all ages you can also be more likely to experience it later on as well. Life changes like children leaving home and being left with an ‘empty nest’, being unsure of your identity and things like illness and death of parents can all contribute. Look after your mental health, make sure you’re reducing stress in your daily life and ensure you have a good support network around you. 

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