4 Lifestyle Changes That Will Keep Your Brain In Good Shape

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It’s only natural to worry about your health as you start getting older. Things aren’t going to work as well as they used to and you’ll have to start dealing with more regular health issues. But that doesn’t mean you’re guaranteed to get ill, a lot of the health problems that people associate with old age aren’t as common as people think and if you maintain a healthy lifestyle, you can stay fit and healthy for years to come. Everybody already knows that and most people do what they can to stay active as they get older. But most people forget about their mental health and just focus on physical health. Your brain function starts to slow down as you get older and you might notice problems with memory. The good news is, you can combat that too by making these simple lifestyle changes.


If you get out and exercise regularly to keep your body young, you’re already on the way to keeping your brain young. When you exercise, it encourages your body to generate blood vessels that take oxygen to the brain. It also helps to build new nerves cells which increase the connections between brain cells. This means that people that exercise regularly are likely to have more efficient brains. A lot of the heart benefits of exercise like lower cholesterol and blood sugar balance help out your brain as well.

Cut Out Drinking

It’s no secret that drinking alcohol isn’t good for you. It causes hangovers in the short term and all sorts of other health issues in the long term, but did you know that it’s also impairing brain function. Some areas of the brain are damaged when you drink alcohol and it can severely age your brain. The good news is, quitting drinking will help you to repair that damage. As soon as you cut down on your drinking, the damage will start to repair itself and your brain function will improve. If you’re particularly worried, you can cut it out altogether but even reducing the amount you drink will make a big difference.

Eat Properly

Eating well is another thing that people usually do to look after their physical health but, like exercise, it benefits your brain as well. Studies into the impact of food on the brain found that nutrition is essential for your brain health in later life. So, people that eat plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables and avoid bad foods are far less likely to develop problems with the brain in later life. Avoiding fatty foods also helps to reduce your cholesterol which we already know helps keep your brain young.

Avoid Stress

Stress is a big health problem for so many people these days. It can have a lot of physical effects on the body as well as damaging your brain. A lot of mental health issues are brought on by extreme stress and it can damage your memory and cognitive function. If you’re under a lot of stress, you need to find some way of managing it if you want your brain to stay young.

Make these simple lifestyle changes as you get older and you can keep your brain young and healthy.  

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