There's Some DIY Tips Everyone Should Know

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Your house is your haven, and it’s something you wouldn’t give up for the world. You can craft a truly personal space that has all kinds of furniture, decorations, and a bit of handy tech to make the place truly feel like a space you’d never want to leave! But all in all, there’s a lot that can go wrong, and you’re probably not that prepared to face them...

DIY is a skill that’s often in short supply around here, and there’s always at least one repair that needs doing! And in your quest to become a fully sustainable home owner, you’re going to need to know a couple of things to make sure the faucet never starts gushing water; here’s a quick shortlist of the best DIY tips everyone needs to have a grasp of.

Know the Basics

At the very least, you’re going to want to learn how to use a drill properly, without stripping any nail heads, and how to locate safe places in your walls and your floors to hammer in some nails without causing problems!

You’re also going to want to put a toolbox together, to make sure you’ve always got at least a basic set of equipment on hand in case of emergencies. You never know when one of these is going to crop up!

In the Living Room

It’s where we like to spend our free time, so we’ve probably dedicated a good few hours a day to this room. Let’s make sure we take care of it in return!

Keep your sofa away from the walls and try to keep a little bit of space between the bookcase and the wall behind it as well. This keeps condensation from overflowing your house, making it feel like you live in a bit of a flood, and helps the windows to stay strong too. And if you’ve just moved a bit of furniture, and found it’s left dents in the carpet that are just an eyesore, pop some ice cubes on the indented area and wait!

In the Bathroom

It’s one of the busiest parts of the house, and therefore you should know how to fix a problem here. You don't always have to visit, although this sure wouldn’t go amiss, and with some DIY you can be super proud of yourself once you’re finished!

You can easily stop those bathroom pipes from creaking and sounding like they’re going to burst any minute by wrapping them in felt, preferably the adhesive backed kind from the hardware store. This keeps them from expanding too much. And you can also swap out any metal pipes under the sink for plastic ones fairly easily too; stops all that rust and limescale from building up!

DIY tips come in their thousands, so make sure you pay attention when someone has something to show you. You want to be as independent as possible, and this way you won’t be calling your dad out every time!

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