How To Buy A Kickass Gift For Children's Parties

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As parents, one thing we can all relate to is the struggle of buying a gift when your child is invited to yet another one of their friend’s birthday parties. The worry of buying something that the child won’t like is the first dilemma that springs to mind, and then the worry of how much to spend on that child comes into play. It’s a never ending battle of whether to simply give some money, or buy a gift that you hope they will enjoy. Not to worry, we’ve got a few tips on how to buy a kickass gift for children’s parties. Check it out:

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Liaise with other parents

Another worry that may come to mind is buying a gift that someone else has already bought, so your first step should be to speak with parents of other children attending the party to see what gifts they are buying. This will not only make sure that you don’t buy the same thing, but it will give you an idea to go on. Perhaps you didn’t know that little Tommy loves Paw Patrol. Well, now you do!

Go for the unusual but useful

Sometimes the best gifts are those that you totally didn’t expect. So, rather than opting to buy a toy as a gift, why not buy something that’s totally unusual yet useful for the child? Things like a night light, or a pair of bamboo socks are great examples of quirky gifts that the child and parents will love equally. Get creative with your useful gift ideas and you’ll find that you’re never stuck for gift ideas again!

Decide on an amount for gift giving

Establish an amount that you want to spend on the gift so that you’re able to look at gifts within that price range. Most websites have the option to only display gifts within your budget and will make your life a lot easier when buying. You may choose to spend a little more on your child’s closer friends, but that’s totally up to you! After all, children enjoy opening the present just as much as they do playing with it!

Take notice of that particular child

Once you’ve had the invite, take notice of that child whenever you see them. You may notice that they have a favourite colour, or they’re really into their beanie hats. You’ll be surprised at how much you can pick up by just taking notice of what they look like! You may notice that a little girl loves different hair styles, so you could buy her a cute hair styling gift!

Ask your child!

Finally, one of the best ways of finding out what the child would love is by asking yours! Asking questions about what they like to play at school or what they talk about is usually enough to know exactly what to buy!

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