Stocking Stuffer Ideas for the Kids

Out of all the Christmas traditions that we have as a family I would say that stockings are my absolute favorite thing. There is something fun about walking into the room on Christmas morning and seeing all the stockings hanging from the fireplace and packed full of goodies.

As a child our Great Grandmother would fill our stockings with all sorts of candy, socks, and underwear. Yes she was that lady. After she passed away and we moved in with our guardian Neil he would fill our stockings with all sorts of things like Starbucks gift cards, nail polish and lipgloss for my little sister and I, fun Christmas socks, DVD's, and other goodies. 

Now that I am a mother of three under the age of five it gets a bit tricky with filling stockings. I like to limit the candy intake as much as possible and fill it with things my kids need but actually like. I have put together some ideas to help those who might need some stocking stuffer ideas for the kids. I based them off my three but you can switch things up depending on the gender of your littles and their age. Here are some of the items that I have picked out.

For the baby or toddler girl in your life:

1. Socks 
2. Pacifiers 
3. Bibs
4. Teething toys 
5. Books 
6. Shampoo and body wash
7. Toothbrush and toothpaste 
8. Boogie Wipes 
7. Moccasins - Sweet N Swag or The Little Doe Baby 
8. Winter Hat and gloves
9. Yogurt Bites
10. Puffs
11. Gerber pouches 
12. Headbands - ThinkPink Bows and Aurora Rose Designs 
13. Hair clips 
14. Brush and/or comb 
15. Sippy Cup
16. Wash clothes 
17. Small Stuffed Animal or doll
18. Sock slippers 
19. Nightie or Pajamas 
20. Onesies 
21. Small Toys 
22. Face Wipes 
23. Detangler Spray
24. Baby Leg Warmers 

For the toddler boy in your life: 

1. Bath Books
2. Bath toys 
3. Socks 
4. Underwear
5. Hot Wheels 
6. Legos 
7. Glow Sticks
8. Crayons 
9. Stickers 
10. T-shirt 
11. Pajamas 
12. Play Dough 
13. Stacking Cups
14. Puzzles
15. Small Superhero Stuffies 
16. Trains or cars
17. Gerber Applesauce Pouches 
18. Clementines 
19. Banana 
20. Bath Crayons 
21. Body Wash
22. Shampoo 
23. Toothbrush 
24. Toothpaste 
25. Gold Fish Crackers 
26. Bubbles
27. Chalk 
28. Movies (Big Lots sales $5 Thomas the Train and Bob the Builder DVD's)
29. Moccasin's or slippers 
30. Matching Cards from Target or Dollar Tree
31. Stickers

For the school-aged boy in your life:

1. Socks
2. Underwear
3. Hot Wheels 
4. Legos 
5. Hex Bugs found only at Target
6. Superheroe Action Figures 
7. Bubbles
8. Toothbrush 
9. Toothpaste 
10. Bath Wash 
11. Shampoo 
12. Chapstick 
13. Puzzles (25 to 48 piece puzzles from the Dollar Tree) 
14. Pencils
15. Crayons 
16. Stickers
17. Movies (Big Lots has Barney, Thomas the Train, and Bob the Builder for $5)
18. Glow Sticks 
19. Fun Erasers 
20. Hand Sanitizer 
21. Baseball
22. Gloves 
23. Winter Hat 
24. Gold Fish Crackers
25. Tree Top Applesauce Pouches
26. Clementines 
27. Banana
28. Sight Words Cards from Target or Dollar Tree
29. Colored Pencils 
30. Markers 
31. Play Dough 

I hope these stocking stuffer ideas are helpful. I am pretty sure I forgot some things but these are some of the things my kids love to get in their stockings each year. I don't get them every single item on the list but I do like to have variety. Enjoy your Christmas shopping. There are 8 more days until Christmas! 

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