Talan: 8 Months Old

I cannot believe that Talan has been a part of our lives for eight wonderful long months. He seriously is the sweetest baby and we are so blessed to be is parents. He is such a funny little boy and according to my sister Sheila, he always looks like he is surprised. Blame it on his super thin eyebrows. I call him my little tug boat. He is such a chunky little babe and I find myself pinching his little cheeks on a daily basis. He eats A LOT of food... 1-2 things of baby food at each meal. He enjoys squash, sweet potatoes, carrots, peaches, and pears. He still could care less for pureed meats, green veggies, and bananas. He wants whatever Amari is eating at the time even though he does not have any teeth yet. Today I caught him trying to steal one of his brother's fruit loops out of his bowl. He is no longer needs support when sitting on his own. He also is crawling BACKWARDS! Weird, right? No forward motion yet. He is rocking a bit these days. When he wants to get around he crawls, inch worms or rolls to his targeted destination. Talan is also learning bad habits from his big brother and often feeds off his emotional state. If big brother cries, little brother cries too. He has a pretty funny sense of humor. He smiles a lot and observes the world around him. Amari is still Talan's favorite thing to watch and he giggles and coo's when big brother talks and sings to him.

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