Talan: 6 & 7 Months Old

I totally forgot to post Talan's six and seven month posts. I'm seriously slacking when it comes to the blog posting a bit these days. Work has kept me extremely busy over the past few weeks and by the time I get home it is family time. Little Talan has changed so much over the past two months. He can roll over (back to tummy and tummy to back), sit with support and without it, as well as crawls backwards a little bit. He enjoys eating squash, sweet potatoes, and applesauce. He is not a fan of peas or green beans and spits them out or makes a silly face whenever he eats them. He eats 1-2 jars of baby food at dinner and is still nursing. He is not a fan of a binkie or a bottle. He cherishes his big brother Amari and stares at him in amazement. He is the most entertaining thing in the world to Talan. He truly adores him. They both adore each other.

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