What's New with A.J. - Summer 2013

It has been ages since I posted one of these. I think it's time I share what's new with Mr. Amari since I last posted in the fall. My hope was to update these every season; clearly that has not happened! He has done a phenomenal job adjusting to change and he treasures his little brother. He has boomed developmentally over the past six months and is a rather hilarious and very dramatic little boy. I have no idea where his dramatic air comes from. He clearly does not get that from Trevor or myself.

- Amari is an amazing big brother to Talan. He often refers to Talan as his baby. He enjoys playing with him even though sometimes he has a tendency to get a little jealous and a tad bit rough sometimes.

- His speech has blossomed immensely over the past few months. Honestly, little boy talks a little too much and knows words that most three year olds shouldn't know. His favorite word to say is hilarious and awesome.

- His two favorite songs of the moment are "Blurred Lines" by Robin Thicke and "Get Lucky" by Daft Punk. You can find him singing along to the song from the backseat whenever these songs come on the radio. He sings in falsetto and demands that you turn the radio up louder so he can have a jam session in the backseat.

- He has a love/hate relationship with fireworks. He is both awed by them and terrified of the loud sounds they make.

- His favorite movies are Para Norman, Brave, Wreck It Ralph, and Monster House. He keeps trying to persuade us to take him to see Despicable Me 2.

- His new sport is golf. Sweetboy enjoys swinging his golf club and practicing in the back yard.

- He loves playing basketball on his little hoop in the front yard. Amari has an amazing jump shot. Natural born talent. He is the next Durant!

- He thinks blueberries are disgusting... Weird, right?

- He is almost fully potty trained! Only took a year...

- Amari is a storyteller. He loves to tell stories as well as listen to stories before he goes to bed at night. He is my little Griot and has an appreciation for books even though he treats them like crap. I have had to hide the paperback books in his closet.

- He knows most of his colors. He learned the color yellow because of Dad's yellow Ford.

- Stinker has become victim to fast food garbage! He seriously knows what fast food joints have fries... Ugh!

- He is terrified of bugs! Squeals like a little piglet whenever he sees a spider or fly.

- He is learning to ride his new Angry Birds bike. Doesn't grasp the concept of how to pedal; however, he is learning!

- His favorite number is 49 and 89. Don't ask. Kid watches too much football!

- He loves watching baseball with his Dad and his little brother. The Seattle Mariners are his favorite team. Need to get this kid a Hernandez jersey!

- He loves, loves, loves C-O-O-K-I-E-S! He seriously would eat ten a day if we would let him. He has a sweet tooth like his mama.

- Amari has a very funny sense of humor. Sometimes he does the silliest things and cracks himself up. Talan thinks he is funny too.

And pretty much that's what's new with A.J. for the past few months... If I missed anything, I'll add it for the fall. ;D

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