Daycare Report for Amari's First Week

Amari's first week of daycare has been great. I am happy to report that he is loving it! He gets rather excited when I get home from my morning shift at McLane Elementary School and say, "Are you ready to go to school and see your friends?" He smiles and says, "Babies," and will run to the front door. Trevor and I were both a little worried that he would struggle with adjusting to his new routine and the socialization aspect of being around children his own age. According to his teacher he is adjusting well. He loves to help out, naps great, likes to do art, gets excited when Elmo reads them a story at story time, and interacts with the other toddlers in his class. So far he has yet to hit anyone. =] He also has learned some new words like orange, apple, banana, blue, and hat since starting daycare. I'm not sure if he has learned them from being at daycare or if it is just a boom in his language development. I am just happy that he is enjoying making new friends and getting out of the house for a few hours each day. He does get a little sad when one of his friend's gets picked up for the day and he cries when they leave. =( Hopefully, he will grow out of that soon.

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