That's Right... We're Expecting! :]

I am happy and so blessed to announce that Trevor and I are going to be parents again and my sweet little Prince Amari is going to be a big brother! We're pregnant! Exactly 11 weeks and 1 day along. Baby Durant numero dos is baking in the oven. =D I started to suspect that I was pregnant back in March when Aunt Flow was one day late and decided to pick up a test. I was ecstatic and thrilled when the test came back positive. I literally jumped up and down I was that thrilled. The only person around was Amari and he, of  course, had no idea what I was going on about, LOL. He was just confused and carried on with his business. Telling Trevor was the easy part. I just had to decide if I was going to wait a day or tell him later in the month. I ended up telling him the next day after taking a second test. I wrote a cute little note and taped  it on the bedroom door the next morning so he would see it when he came out of the shower. :] He was just as happy as I was. I feel so blessed that God has allowed Trevor and I to be parents again. Amari is such a wonderful blessing and I am excited about the new chapter that is starting in our lives. Please pray for our family while we start our new journey in becoming a family of four. Baby Durant #2 while be gracing us with his or her presence on November 17th. Looks like we will be having another Scorpio in our household. ;P

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