What's New with A.J. - The Month of December

I totally almost forgot to post what has been new with stinker baby for the month of December. Guess I got a little carried away with the holiday season. =] Typical. It doesn't help that I am easily distracted. Anywho, a lot has been going on with Amari these days. He is such an active little boy and I am enjoying every moment of it. He sure keeps everyone in his life on his or her toes.

- Amari is using double word combos like "Bye Daddy," and "Hi Mom."

- He can throw a ball (pretty hard and accurate) anywhere from 5 to 10 feet.

- He has met the kicking a ball milestone. He is my right-footed kicker.

- Amari loves to play ball and yells, "Hike" whenever he plays.

- Golf is his new favorite game to play with anything round or semi-round and his club is always a vacuum extension and he will scream, "Hike" at the top of his lungs whenever he hits the ball. It is pretty hilarious to watch.

- He has learned how to say shoe and tries to put his shoes on his own feet. He loves shoes and gets excited when he gets a new pair to try on. He likes shoes like his Mama! =]

- "Go," is his new favorite word to say as he runs through the house.

- He loves to jump, jump, jump!

- He can open the fridge when he wants milk or juice and he has learned how to say juice.

-  Amari loves to color and eat crayons. We are working on the not eating crayons part.

- He will sing (off key and in toddler gibberish) when you ask him to.

- Wrestling with Daddy is a game he loves to play.

- Elmo and Cookie Monster are his two bestest pals.

- Amari has gotten louder with age! LOL =P

- He loves to eat oranges.

- He enjoys running outside and inside and is super duper fast. We may have a future track star on our hands. =D

- He can say and sign, "Thank you."

And pretty much that is what's new with A.J. these days! 

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