20 Months and A Day

I swear, October has gone bye so quickly...its already October 28th, and guess what that means? It means that Amari is 20 months and one day old today. My little prince is growing up so fast! Its hard for me to phantom that in four short months, he'll be turning 2. He is such a sweet little boy, very independent, loves to read and destroy his books (which makes me want to cry cause I love books and don't understand his logic at times), and he loves to dance dance dance. Cookie Monster and Elmo are his favorite Sesame Street characters and milk is one of his favorite things to drink. He is 100% boy, wild and crazy at times, a stinker when he wants to be, and has an attitude when he doesn't like something. He has no issue with making it known. He loves to give kisses and snuggle; Amari is definitely a Pieces through-and-through.

Happy 20 months Amari James! 

Mommy and Daddy love and cherish you.  

Little Dragon! 

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